Today’s Headlines

  • Speculation Begins on Replacement for SFMTA Chief Nat Ford (SF Gate)
  • Muni Disputes State Report on Safety Violations (SF Gate)
  • Operators, Union Want Safety Inspections Expanded to Buses (SF Examiner)
  • Mercury News: “Ideas Abound for High-Speed Rail Routes Through Altamont Corridor”
  • Bay Citizen Hires a Consultant to Test Bacteria Found on BART Seats
  • Driver Sought in Hit-and-Run That Seriously Injured Pedestrian on Market St. (SF Examiner)
  • Coco Times Editorial: “Too Many Transit Agencies in the Bay Area”
  • Safe Passage Rail Project Begins at San Jose Site Where 2-year-old Died (Merc)
  • The Post Will Not Stop Until Janette Sadik-Khan Loses Her Job (via Streetsblog NY)

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  • The MTA sounds like it will fight the state tooth and nail when they could put that effort into actually addressing the safety issues. How soon ’til Ford is gone?

    I think this now falls on the board. Ford has shown time again he is only good at dodging responsibility. If the MTA is going to get anywhere while he is still the CEO, the board needs to stand up and demand action be taken.

  • icarus12

    Amen to that, Mike.