Today’s Headlines

  • Neighbors Rally to Keep College Park Caltrain Station Open (Mercury News)
  • Scott James Finds Reasons to Pick on SF’s Pavement to Parks Program (Bay Citizen)
  • NY Considers P2P Program a Model, Wants to Add More “Pop-Up Cafes” (Streetsblog NY)
  • Spacing Toronto: “The Myth of the Cyclist as Urban Warrior”
  • Caltrans’ Contract Program for Minorities Survives Court Challenge (SF Gate)
  • Study: Young Churchgoers Likely to Be Overweight by 50 (USA Today)
  • Street Race Crash in Santa Clara Leaves 23-year-old Woman Critically Injured (Merc)
  • Petaluma Family Escapes Injury After Driver Crashes Into Their Home (Press Democrat)
  • DC Presses Forward on Demand-Based Parking Pricing, Adjusting Rates to Occupancy (GGW)
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  • I didn’t know Scott James was C.W.’s new pseudonym.

  • Nick

    Re: Young Churchgoers Likely to Be Overweight by 50

    What exactly does this article have to do with transit, sustainability, or the environment?

    I can understand if the title said “Young Cargoers Overweight by 50.” It just kind of sticks out as divisive politics ala Drudge.

  • Nick, I guess you could stretch it and say that this problem is mostly in the bible belt, aka south, where there is a huge lack of transit alternatives to the automobile.

  • Nick

    Good observation. I always get a few stares when I lock up my bike outside of church. I guess it’s still not that socially acceptable in some circles to bike for transportation.

  • thielges

    re: closing the Caltrain College Park station. Currently only five trains a day stop there so I don’t understand how this can save Caltrain much.

    The station’s relevance took a hit when Stockton Ave. was fenced off a few years ago. Now it is only accessible from one of the four corners of the former intersection.

  • Bart –

    It doesn’t save much at all. The whole station closures thing isn’t about saving money on having stations open – it’s about being able to make faster runs such that they can use fewer crews, saving labor costs.

    While there aren’t a lot of passengers to College Park, the value per passenger of that station is high. Most of the passengers to that station cannot drive, nor can they easily substitute another station. I guess in theory they could all ride bikes down Stockton but that would really disrupt the bike capacity equation.

    Still waiting for an agenda to be posted on next week’s meeting to see where Caltrain is on this whole thing.