SF BOS City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee Meeting

Of note:
5. 110085 [Hearing – 14 Mission Bus Line Switchbacks]
Sponsor: Avalos
Hearing on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s policies for switchbacks on the 14 Mission Bus Line, including a breakdown and cause for switchbacks, the number of line managers on the ground and their criteria for ordering switchbacks, the actual wait time for passengers who must disembark due to switchbacks, the frequency of delays on the line, and the historic trend of switchbacks on the line.
6. 110096 [Hearing – J Church Street Car Line Unreliability]
Sponsor: Wiener
Hearing on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency J-Church street car line unreliability.


City Hall Hearing Turns Spotlight on Problems Plaguing 14-Mission Line

The thousands of daily Muni riders who take the 14-Mission line continue to endure frequent switchbacks, poor reliability, slow speeds, and overcrowding, but advocates and city leaders are putting a spotlight on the problems plaguing the busy Mission bus corridor, which serves one of San Francisco’s most transit-dependent communities. “It’s the only one of the top […]

SFMTA Citizens’ Advisory Council

Agenda On the agenda: Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding the S.F. Civil Grand Jury’s report, entitled, “Better MUNI Service Needed, Without Switchbacks: An Investigation into the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency”  Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding the draft policies for On-Street Parking Management

SF Board of Supervisors Public Safety Committee Meeting

Agenda [PDF] 1. 110897 [Hearing - Public Safety Policies and Programs on Citywide MUNI Lines] Sponsor: Cohen Hearing to discuss public safety policies and programs implemented by City departments, such as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and San Francisco Police Department, on Citywide MUNI lines including the enforcement of MUNI fare collection

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Schedule and agenda Of note: 7. 110404 [Public Hearing – Redevelopment Right-of-Way Improvements – Arelious Walker Drive Stairway] Sponsor: Cohen Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to proposed Resolution making certain findings pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 33445 and consenting to the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco’s use of tax […]