Today’s Headlines

  • “SaveMuni” Group Criticizes Central Subway Design, Calls It “Unsafe” (SF Examiner)
  • Supervisor Wiener Holds Hearing on J-Church Reliability Issues (SF Examiner)
  • San Mateo Official Urges Caltrain to Delay Decision on Closing Stations (SM Daily Journal)
  • Matier & Ross: Dorothy Dugger’s Early Exit May Cost BART Seven Figures
  • CHP Launching New Effort to Catch Speeding Drivers (Roadshow)
  • Overhead Wire Work Will Mean Evening Buses on the F-Line (Market St. Railway)
  • BIKE NOPA: Permit Gridlock Allows Scaffolding to Become an Eyesore
  • Marin Supervisor and SMART Board Vice Chair Charles McGlashan Dies (Press Democrat)

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  • I don’t see the point of contracts for transit officials who seem like they are just playing musical chairs. I fail to see a reason to allow them to plunder the public coffers every 3-5 years with huge pay outs. Are their bloated salaries not enough of a punch to our collective kidney? They really need to get severance packages worth more then many of us will make in half our working life?

    And on the CS:

    “However, Central Subway Project Director John Funghi said every station will have well-lit emergency exits. He said having a single exit can, in some cases, help contain certain calamities.”

    Funghi once again proves he is just a shill. How, in any way, does that make sense? You have a poorly planned project (not to mention beyond expensive), John. People are finally fighting through your BS and statements like this only make you look more clueless.

  • david vartanoff

    So next referendum cycle we should amend the charter to cap, the ED salary, and include applying for another job, just cause for immediate termination w/two weeks severance pay.

  • Nick

    Re: Bike Nopa Scaffold Eyesore

    I’m not sure why the focus has been on the CCSF to solve this problem. Just looking at those photos: there are OSHA violations, IBC violations (means of egress), and NESC violations (under the jurisdiction and control of the serving utility).

    Sounds like someone is in for a Kafkaesque journey!

  • There really needs to be a cap on salaries, at least starting salaries, for city jobs of something like $120k. (I know the BART director isn’t a city job.)

    We can’t be funding extravagant lifestyles when so many priorities go vastly underfunded.