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  • jd

    RE: bicycle speed limits on Golden Gate Bridge

    First, and this really drives me nuts about giving speed limits for bicyclists, how are bicyclists supposed to know how fast they are going since the vast majority do not have speedometers? I mean, you can guess, but certainly no more accurate than 5 mph.

    Second, 10 mph? Really? That’s too slow. I think on the western side were only bicyclists should be allowed, the speed limit should be higher, like 15-20 mph. And yeah, on the eastern side bicycles probably shouldn’t be allowed (unless walked) because there are too many pedestrians.

    However, like all our bridges, what they really need to do is increase the bicycle and pedestrian spaces. Unfortunately, these were all designed in the heyday of car-centric silliness and now we’re stuck with designs that hardly accommodate anything else.

  • The GGB speed limit seems to be going after the wrong problem. I ride over every weekend or so and the biggest issue are the cyclists who cause traffic hazards by blocking the path, swerving randomly, filming their entire voyage over the bridge, etc.. not the ones who just want to get across the bridge in one piece in under 20 minutes.

    However, the article does not make it clear that the impetus for this is some impending construction which will force all cyclists and pedestrians onto the east side. That seems really dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest improvement to safety is to open the west side to cyclists at all time and ban them from east span.

    Also don’t blame the tourists. They are too slow to do any harm. Next to going around the blind corner around the towers with gusty wind, the most dangerous experience is going through some narrow section just enough for 2 bicycles to pass side-by-side, and seeing some recreation cyclists coming down toward me at high speed!

  • Nick

    I think a limit on Spite would be more effective than a limit on Speed. Why does everyone suddenly hate each other when confined to the same narrow roadways?

  • tNob

    I narrowly escaped a bicycle accident a couple weekends ago. These tourists on cycles seem to fall into two categories for me, gawkers and maniacs. The gawkers go too slow and stop randomly to snap a photo oblivious to what is happening behind them. The maniacs are having “fun” on the bike and ride erratically from either inexperience or recklessness. Regardless, a few near misses in the past few years.

  • Anonymous

    While my anger at the SFMTA and their negligence in regards to pedestrian safety only grows, I am learning how to make videos … here’s my home’s dangerous pedestrian intersection at Main and Harrison between 6:10 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. yesterday ….

    If you missed my first video, it is here:

    I think I’ll be making a video once a month or so until SFMTA stops aiding and abetting the murder and injury of pedestrians in SoMa with outdated street designs and the lack of painted yellow/white ladder crosswalks at intersections.

  • Anonymous

    Keep it up! The only way to show what is really going on is by doing these videos. Otherwise you have assholes like Rob Anderson saying the world is just fine and not to mess with traffic when we all know that isn’t true. The MTA has to be held accountable for allowing SoMa to continue being an extremely unsafe place to be as a pedestrian or cyclist, especially when the ped/biker are following the law.

  • Anonymous

    it’s time we bikers get an additional lane on each side of the bridge to ourselves. leave the sidewalks to the pedestrians.