SFBOS Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting

Agenda and schedule

1. 110116 [Planning Code – Zoning Map – Presidio-Sutter Special Use District – 800 Presidio Avenue]
Sponsors: Farrell; Mar and Mirkarimi
Ordinance amending the San Francisco Planning Code by adding Section 259.53 to
establish the Presidio-Sutter Special Use District for property located at 800 Presidio
Avenue (Assessor’s Block No. 1073, Lot  No. 13); amending Sheet HT03 of the Zoning
Map to change the Height and Bulk District from 40-X to 55-X; and amending Sheet
SU-03 of the Zoning Map to reflect the boundaries of the Presidio-Sutter Special Use
District; adopting findings, including environmental findings, Section 302 findings, and
findings of consistency with the General Plan and the Priority Policies of Planning Code
Section 101.1