Today’s Headlines

  • GG Bridge District Names Date for Sidewalk Closure (SF Examiner, SF Gate)
  • Lahood Tours San Bruno Pipeline Explosion Site (SF ExaminerBay CitizenCBS 2)
  • Bay Bikers Blog Chooses Bike to Work Haiku Winners (SF Gate)
  • Report: Driving is Down Even as Gas Prices Drop (CBS 2, SacBee)
  • Building BART: Photos From the 1960s and 70s (SF Gate)
  • Mayor Lee Asks Cal Pacific Medical for Subsidies to OK Hospital Project (SF GateBusiness Times)
  • SF Chronicle Op-Ed: “High-Speed Rail Shouldn’t Be a Casualty of Short-Term Thinking”
  • More on the Texting Driver Who Killed 2-Year-Old in Sonoma County (SF Gate)
  • Business Interests Oppose Bay Area Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Bay Citizen)
  • Tom Vanderbilt on the Dangers of “Children At Play” Signs (Slate)
  • Bay Guardian‘s Steve Jones: Campaign for Mayor Lee to Run for Re-Election is “Fake”
  • How Many ‘U.S. Infrastructure Ailing’ Reports Will It Take to Fix U.S. Infrastructure? (Infrastructurist)

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  • I hope Streetsblog will cover this in depth:

    “Physical inactivity contributes to one in eight deaths annually
    among New Yorkers aged 30 and older from cardiovascular disease
    (including heart disease and stroke), cancer, and diabetes— an estimated
    6,300 deaths a year.Regular physical activity such as brisk walking or biking for two
    and a half hours a week (a half hour every weekday) lowers risk of
    premature death by more than 20%.Brisk walking or biking for a half hour every weekday reduces heart disease risk.Regular brisk walking for 20 to 30 minutes per day can reduce diabetes risk by 30%.On average, people who walk or bike to work get more than an hour of active transportation time daily.New Yorkers who walk or bike to work get more than 40 minutes more
    combined transportation and recreation physical activity per day than
    those who use a personal car or taxi.New Yorkers who take public transportation for most of their commute
    get almost half an hour more daily combined transportation and
    recreation physical activity than those who use a personal car or taxi.”
    I would think these findings would hold true for San Franciscans as well. Just imagine the headlines (and the IPO stock price) if there were a new drug that magically reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes all in one swoop.