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  • SteveS

    Interesting follow-up on the MTA ticket booth scam, SFCitizen got a copy of the PO for rec & park’s new permanent ticket booths at the botanical gardens. They paid $59,000 for two brand new steel ticket booths with AC and restrooms, while the MTA paid $829,000 for their two new ticket booths. Anyone still wonder why we “can’t afford” good transit in this city?

  • icarus12

    From the City Insider story: “The audit also said the agency (SFMTA) should consider ending its relationship
    with the nonprofit corporations that run five city-owned parking
    garages, saying the setup is unnecessary and adds an estimated $551,000 a
    year to administrative costs.”

    Oh heck, it’s just half a million dollars.  Just raise your fees and fines on the drivers and businesses.  I’m sure we’ll not ask for any accountability.