Today’s Headlines

  • SF Taxi Drivers to Stage Two-Hour Strike Today (SF Examiner, Bay Citizen)
  • Feds: BART Early Sat. Trains Would Impact Low-Income, Minority Riders (SF Gate)
  • Bay Citizen: “Is Cronyism Costing BART Millions?”
  • Cell Phone Cams are Allowed on Muni, Despite What Drivers May Tell You (SF Appeal)
  • KALW Interviews Outgoing SFMTA Chief Nat Ford (Crosscurrents)
  • SF Mayor’s Office Proposes System for Keeping Track of Vacant Storefronts (SF Examiner)
  • New Plan Would Revive SF Street-Sweeping Crews (City Insider)
  • New Street Park Set to Open Today in Bernal Heights (SF Examiner)
  • Heat Wave Prompts Season’s First Spare the Air Alert (SF Gate)
  • Bicyclist “Suffers Life-Threatening” Injuries After Crash Near Balboa Park BART (SF Exam)
  • Biking, Walking Projects Create More Jobs Than “Road-Only” Projects (Bike Portland)
  • Elly Blue: “Bicycling’s Gender Gap: It’s the Economy, Stupid” (Grist)

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  • EL

    I hope the bicyclist recovers from his injuries.  I wonder if he was wearing a helmet – since he sustained head trauma.  Yes, I know that helmets don’t always help and some SB’ers are against them, but in this case…

  • mikesonn

    That is an interesting interview with Ford.

    MINER: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the MTA?
    FORD: Clearly we have to continue to focus on our financial situation. We’re far from being out of the woods. We have significant capital infrastructure needs in terms of replacing buses and trains and our infrastructure, that’s one thing…And obviously, Central Subway. Continuing the momentum to build a $1.6 billion subway system is something the agency needs to focus on.

    He really doesn’t see any contradiction in that statement? You are deferring maintenance to build something you won’t be able to afford to maintain. And when Ford keeps saying “we have a well thought out plan” about the State of Good Repair, it sounds like he is trying to convince himself more than the public.

  • Anonymous

     15 Yard Penalty – propaganda statement. “some SB’ers are against them” is intentionally inaccurate. Many “SB’ers” are against mandatory helmet laws, but this is not the same as “are against helmets”.

  • Anonymous

    Another thing “many SB’ers” are against is the inclusion of “the cyclist was/was not wearing a helmet” in articles describing an incident where the wearing of a helmet is not primary to the incident or injury.

  • mikesonn

    I was going to ignore EL since he is obviously baiting. There is zero reason to write this comment unless he thinks we should dissect every car crash victim and if he/she was wearing their seat-belt as well.

    But murph is right, mandatory helmet laws are the problem, wearing or not wearing a helmet isn’t.

  • mikesonn

    I wonder what will happen to Chinatown after the T-Third CS comes rolling thru.

  • I knew the cyclist, he was wearing a helmet, and very sadly he did not recover.  

  • Justin, I’m very sorry to hear this.  Are there any details at all about the cause of the crash?  My thoughts are with the cyclist’s family and friends who must be mourning today.

  • Kevin

    I was initially happy about the BART Friday night trial but now the federal study had made me more ambivalent. The people with the money to go out to bars (like me) consider the last Eastbay train at 2pm an inconvenience. However, for working class people of color, the early Saturday train is a lifeline. I’d rather the schedules stay the same.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of working class people would benefit from a later Friday train as well…