Election Results Open Thread

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The results are in from yesterday’s election – well, most of them are. The mayoral race won’t be finally called until 2nd- and 3rd-choice votes are counted, but 1st-choice results put Ed Lee in the lead at 31 percent followed by John Avalos at 18 percent.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition had endorsed Avalos as their #1 and Lee their #3. The organization is already celebrating the passage of Proposition B, the $248 million bond measure for road repaving and street improvements which met the two-thirds vote requirement after the failure of similar measures in past elections.

Are you excited about seeing smoother streets and more bikeways, or was Prop B the wrong approach? Who would you like to see sitting in Room 200? What should be the mayor’s priorities in the next four years? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Dale Danley

    Thank heavens for Instant Runoff! There are so many other things to work on without another five weeks of runoff campaigning. 

    I’m surprised by the passage of Prop B. There was an undercurrent of resistance but I guess that in the absense of sustained, forceful opposition, the appeal of better roads & transport won out. I believe this funding can be the basis for complete streets in our community and will prove to be a wise investment. 

  • Anonymous

    Definitely bummed Avalos didn’t win, but I knew it was an uphill battle.

    And I’m torn about Prop B: I’m tired of us taking out loans to pay for that which should be paid for by taxes. Hell, we’re going to pay for it anyway, now we’re just also going to pay interest on top of that. Why can’t we just realize that, in order to live in an economically sustainable way, there’s no easy way out of paying for what you want? If you want better roads, you have to pay for them, you can’t just put in on the credit card, so to speak, and then figure out how you’re going to pay that bill later. We really have a disconnect in this country between what we want and what we think we need to pay to get these things.

  • icarus12

    Prop B is the basis for only one thing: continuation of the status quo.  Prop B and Ed Lee epitomize our complacency.  That complacency includes:
    1) a mostly unreformed system of municipal employment;
    2) a neglect of basic physical infrastructure in favor of provision of medical services to the indigent
    3) a shockingly poor delivery of public education such that 3/8 of all children remaining in the city already do not attend public schools
    4) a reliance on debt rather than tax revenues to fund all of the above.

  • guest

    It’s not over yet…

  • The saddest thing about Prop B passing and Ed Lee likely winning on the same ballot (though my fingers are still crossed he doesn’t) is that if he had done his job as DPW head from 2000-2005 and as City Administrator from 2005-2010 we wouldn’t have needed to borrow all that money. So we’re essentially rewarding Ed Lee for his abysmal 10-year service record *and* punishing the city with a costly long-term loan.

    It goes without saying that Ed Lee will be a continuation of the “City Family” status quo. It might be interesting to see how our (ex-Republican, pro-Site/Lie) Police-Commissioner-cum-District-Attorney Gascón plays with Ross Mirkarimi as Sherriff, though.

  • Cal1776

    Ross mirkacommie? No experience, completely unqualified. A disaster of epic proportions for the good men and women of the sheriffs department.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Prop. B much at all. In addition to the criticisms others have made, I think that improving bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure is something that relies far more on political will than on securing funding- really, it’s cheap.

    Sure, it’ll pay for a few high-profile projects, but a persistent budget crisis might actually do more to get people to consider radical new (or old) ideas.

  • peternatural

     Outgoing Sheriff Hennessey disagrees with you.

    “He is the right person to succeed me as sheriff and, as a
    result, I am
    very proud today to formally announce my endorsement of Ross Mirkarimi
    for Sheriff of San Francisco,” Hennessey said to a large and boisterous
    crowd of supporters and members of the press corps on the steps of City
    Hall. “The reason I am supporting Ross is because we have worked closely
    together over the last several years on a number of criminal justice


  • icarus12

    I think you are right, baklazhan.

  • mikesonn

    Forum discussion on the election. For a good laugh, skip up to about the 25 min mark when Willie Brown comes on. At 30 min mark, Scott Shafer says, “so we are getting an ethics lecture from Willie Brown.” Hilarious.


  • Tony fernandez

    we need to keep our streets in good working order . unlike the tea party people and republicans we will pay for things that are important … the tea people want everythng 
    for free .. Tony

  • Icarus12

    Tony fernandez,
    If you call all opponents to Prop B “tea party people”, you are, (quite on purpose, I think) obscuring the key issue: should street/sidewalk/bike/bus pathways be maintained with constant tax-based funding, or should we let them deteriorate and then pay 50% more over time by borrowing the money to pay for same?  The latter is what paying by bonds means.

    Frankly, when I read a comment like yours, I think, “This person is either stupid or intellectually dishonest.”