Newcomb Ave. Sustainable Streetscape Project Completed in Bayview

A raised crosswalk and landscaped sidewalk bulb-outs now grace the entrance of this block of Newcomb Avenue. Photo: ##

After a six-year-long process, residents of Newcomb Avenue in the Bayview joined city staffers yesterday to mark the completion of the “Model Block” project, a prototype for street design that’s better for the environment and more conducive to neighborhood life.

The block had been characterized by speeding traffic and illegal dumping. With this redesign it should be a safer, more sociable street thanks to the addition of landscaped chicanes, sidewalk bulb-outs, 20 new street trees, raised crosswalks, and other traffic calming improvements. The new landscaped surfaces will absorb rainfall and prevent stormwater from overloading the sewer system.

“To see the finished project, something this great in the Bayview, is unbelievable!” said Newcomb resident Mardina Graham in a press release from the Department of Public Works. “I have lived in the neighborhood all my life and have never seen anything like this before, perhaps in other neighborhoods yes, but not here.”

Residents will organize community cleanup days to keep the street “clean and green,” according to DPW, while the performance of the new stormwater treatment facilities — projected to reduce runoff by half — will be monitored by the city.

Landscaped chicanes along the curbs are designed to slow drivers. Photo: ##

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Newcomb Avenue before the redesign ## May## during a press conference for the project's groundbreaking. Photo: Aaron Bialick
Photo: ##
Department of Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru speaks with neighbors, the mayor, Supervisor Mali Cohen, and other city staffers at a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday. Photo: ##
Photo: ##
  • Congratulations to Newcomb Avenue!  Every neighborhood that becomes more beautiful, more sociable, more sustainable is a victory for us all.

  • TwinPeaks_SF

    Was down there this afternoon and it looks beautiful! Right off the main strip of Bayview – Hunter’s Point. People are still confused as to how to park – alternating 90 degree parking creates the chicane effect – but everyone parking perpendicular only narrows the street more.

    Exciting news!!

  • Easy

    I wonder how we can get the cost down so more blocks can be like this.

  • rocketboy

    Where are the street TREES? Looking down that one street all we see is more pavement, some small (good start) plantings but no NEW street trees.

    what happened?