Silicon Valley Bike Advocacy Summit 2012


The second annual Silicon Valley Bike Advocacy Summit will be held on April 17, from 2:00 to 8:00 pm, in the Cultural Hall of the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto. Stanford Hospital and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will co-host this event, which will both inspire advocates of cycling and walking and provide them with the tools they need for successful advocacy. SVBC is very excited to throw this event for its second year, and thrilled to have Stanford Hospital join us. Professionals, advocates, politicians, public agency employees, industry representatives, public health officials, and interested community members will come together to participate in a community event focused on promoting the bicycle and smart planning for health, environmental security, and enhanced communities.

The Summit will serve as a catalyst to improving relations between advocates and government, increase the involvement of business in the advocacy world, and inspire attendees to become even more involved in fostering healthy communities.

The event is divided evenly for those who can attend before 5:00 and those who cannot. Join us in the evening and you’ll still get to sit in on one breakout session, hear one of our two great keynote speakers, and enjoy dinner!

Registration is $20 at Those for whom the cost of admission is prohibitive may apply for a scholarship by emailing

  • Irvin Dawid

    great event! great job by SVBC and Stanford.  Super closing speech by Aaron.  And even though I live in PA, I had never been to the JCC – which is a new complex – most impressive.  Too bad it’s located where it is (pretty bike/ped unfriendly – San Antonio Av. is pretty much a mess IMO