Green-Backed Sharrows Pleasantly Surprise Riders on the Wiggle

Photos: Aaron Bialick

Commuters on the Wiggle got a Bike to Work Day surprise this morning: green-backed sharrows guiding bicycle riders through the intersection of Steiner and Waller Streets.

The “sharrows were painted VERY early this morning and they are permanent,” says a post on the SFMTA’s Livable Streets Facebook page. Agency staff wrote that more will be added “as wayfinding guides all through the Wiggle” along each block and through other intersections in coming weeks.

The green-backed sharrow treatment arose from the SFMTA’s ThinkBike sessions with Dutch bike planners.

One rider told SFMTA staff, “It’s like riding on candy!”

SF Recreation and Parks General Manager Phil Ginsburg seems pleased with the "super sharrows."
  • Paul

    Saw them this morning. While I like the guide, I wish they didn’t seem to encourage running the stop signs…

  • Clarence Eckerson


  • Really?

    What changes would you suggest that wouldn’t “seem to encourage running the stop signs”?  (Note that these are positive wayfinding markers so saying “put a stop sign in them at the stop” would be adding a completely different enforcement element and doesn’t count. If you want enforcement elements added, you don’t need to piss on the wayfinding elements.)

  • jjsmack

    The sharrows encourage running stop sign only as much as white directional arrows on the road encourage cars to run red lights.

  • jjsmack

    This is amazing! Now the Wiggle is official!

  • Al

     The problem is “green” means “go” – as in “run the stop sign”.

    Up in Fairfax there is an intersection with a white dashed bike lane that takes you through an intersection where you make a left turn – far less suggestive than huge green go for it patches.

  • mikesonn

    Al – that’s ridiculous. My goodness.

  • Kevin

    Sure it’s a piecemeal addition… but i’ll take it.

  • mikesonn

    I don’t think it’s that piecemeal, took me a while at first (because I don’t often go out that way) to the hang of the Wiggle. This would have helped me a ton! I think it’s a great addition for little cost and will help newbies navigate the route much easier.

  • Mr Rogers

    Only to the colorblind. Green means go.