SFMTA: Valencia Green Wave Glitch Should Be Fixed by Tomorrow

Photo via ##http://www.missionmission.org/2012/02/14/valentines-bike-ride/##Mission Mission##

For a few weeks now, bicycle riders accustomed to Valencia Street’s “green wave” signal timing have noticed that the system seems out of whack. Many say they’ve been hitting red lights where they’ve normally been able to breeze through the synchronized signals at 13 MPH without stopping.

Well, it’s not your imagination. SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose confirmed that “there is a sync problem on Valencia.”

“We are identifying the location of a break in the signal cable along the street and we hope to have this addressed in the next two days,” he told Streetsblog yesterday. So, if all goes according to schedule, it should be fixed sometime tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update, Aaron.

  • Adrienne Johnson

    Great!  It is amazing how quickly I became used to having that timed and how frustrating it is to not have it so.

  • Commuter

    Will this also fix 14th st, which has been out of whack since mid-May?

  • The easiest thing to do is to call 311 and report the sync problem.  I’ve called them a handful of times to report sync problems and sometimes its simple enough to resolve in 24 hours, but no more than about a week from calling.