SF Land Use and Economic Development Committee


On the agenda:

  • Transit Center District Plan amendments
  • Planning code and zoning map amendments for the CPMC hospital projects (continued from the previous 3 meetings)


SF Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting

Agenda On the agenda: Planning Code amendments to 1) expand the applicability of bicycle parking requirements; 2) exempt bicycle parking from Floor-Area ratio calculations; 3) permit conversion of Auto Service Stations located on Transit and Pedestrian Network Streets to another use without Conditional Use authorization

SF Planning Commission Public Hearing

Agenda On the agenda: Initiation of Planning Code Amendments for Bicycle Parking Authorization of 4-20 Octavia Blvd (aka 8 Octavia & Parcel V) construction, mixed use with 24 off-street residential parking spaces and one off-street commercial parking space within an underground garage

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [pdf] On the agenda: Increasing application fee for commercial parking permits; update permit/license fees to reflect cost of living adjustments; increase license fees to include cost recovery for the Tax Collector’s Office Zoning and planning code amendments for the Transit Center District Plan Affirming commitment to ensuring the long term viability and operation of St. Luke’s Hospital    

Board of Supervisors Meeting

On the agenda: Approving General Plan Amendments in Connection with the Better Streets Plan, Relocation Impact Study and Last Resort Housing Plan for Central Subway Project, Process for the Appointment of a Successor Mayor