Hwy 101 Greenbrae Interchange Environmental Report Public Hearing

From Transportation Authority of Marin:

Caltrans as lead agency is nearing the conclusion of the environmental review phase of the project and, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a Draft Environmental Document (DED) will be released later in the year. Comments on the DED will be taken during the circulation period for the DED, which will include a public hearing tentatively scheduled for January 29, 2013.

TAM has prepared two animations of the proposed improvements within the corridor.  The animations were shown during the public open house.  One view is a “fly-thru” perspective and the other view is from a driver’s perspective traveling along the highway.  Both animations can be viewed using the following web links:

Fly-Thru:                      http://www.youtube.com/embed/RtaEVbK4gXM

Driver’s View:             http://www.youtube.com/embed/z7xK-Ck3-No


Map  V2.jep


A number of questions from stakeholders focused on the proposed pedestrian and bicycle elements within the Corridor. To highlight the extensive multi-modal improvements that have been designed into the project TAM has prepared an exhibit of new and relocated bus stops and the non-motorized network of connecting paths, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

Review Multi-Modal Exhibit Board (7.7MB)

  • Jsever117

    This project removes a much relied upon bike/ped 101 overcrossing at Lucky Drive, the fasted bike route of the North South Greenway connecting to the Cal Park Tunnel, and does not replace it. It also builds three freeway on and off ramps intersecting Wornum and crossing the current safe class 1 bike/ped undercrossing of 101, making that far less safe and appealing for many users ages 8-80. It then forces all bike/ped traffic through Wornum.  So while the project improves the bike/ped access along both sides of 101 which is MUCH needed by all accounts, it sadly creates a barrier of 101 by removing two good current bike/ped crossings.
    Please go to http://www.marinbike.org/News/Bulletin/20130109.shtml#GCIP and click on the survey to urge the Transportation Authority of Marin to replace both 101 crossings at Lucky Drive and Wornum with a new bike/ped overcrossing in building this new freeway expansion.