Today’s Headlines

  • Today’s KQED Forum at 9 a.m.: Why Are So Few Drivers Charged for Killing Pedestrians?
  • After Analyzing the Legal Aspects of Ped Deaths, CIR Turns Its Focus Towards Street Design
  • SUV Driver Critically Injures 56-Year-Old Woman at Geneva and Prague (SF Appeal)
  • Driver Killed in Crash On I-280 In Daly City (SFGate)
  • More On the SFMTA’s New Polk Street Proposals (SF Chronicle)
  • Supes to Hold Hearing Tomorrow On SFMTA’s Parking Meter Expansion Plans (City Insider)
  • SF’s First Parklet Removal Planned at Martin Macks on Upper Haight (SF Examiner)
  • Urban Life Signs Looks at Possible Sites to Move Caltrain’s 4th/King Railyard
  • Cracking Down on Disabled Parking Placard Abuse In Oakland (NBCEast Bay Express)
  • SPUR and KQED Provide Overviews of Plan Bay Area
  • CA Assembly Bill Would Aim to Promote Bike-Ped Greenways Along Rivers (Cyclelicious)

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  • gneiss

    Someone needs to slap Concord’s transportation manager upside the head:

    Ray Kuzbari, Concord’s transportation manager, said the changes made the road safer for walkers.

    “It’s safer to direct pedestrians to cross at the signalized
    intersections,” Kuzbari said. “There’s many arterials where the distance
    could be more than half a mile between traffic signals. I think, to the
    contrary, this is a very walkable distance.”

    Really – walking up to 1/2-mile out of your way just to cross the street is a ‘very walkable distance’? Good God.

  • mikesonn

    “1/2 mi only takes 30 seconds in your car, right? Can’t be that much longer to walk it, I mean I never walk, but it can’t be THAT much longer.”

  • mikesonn

    Chron story on Polk is behind the paywall.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really spamming w/ sfist these days, but here’s a really telling map about the changing face of our city:

  • Yeah, that’s annoying. Try it now, should work. (We have to get around it by Googling the headline, then copying the URL directly from the search result. Sometimes I forget to go back and do this.)

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. There’s a community meeting coming up on Monday May 6th to work on an update to the Downtown Concord Plan. Anyone interested in making the city safer and more friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists should make an effort to attend and speak up on these issues: