Fundraiser for Nikita May, 3-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized by Driver on Fulton

Nikita May on Muni. Image via YouCaring

Three-year-old Nikita May remains in recovery at SF General Hospital, after being hit on his bike by a pickup truck driver at Fulton Street and 43rd Avenue on April 10. Friends, family, and community members have set up a fundraiser to help the family see him return to health.

May was making his way through a crosswalk on a green light at about 11:45 a.m. when the left-turning driver ran him over. May suffered life-threatening injuries, including brain injuries and brain stem damage, “the full extent of which is not yet fully known,” according to the fundraiser page. He also suffered a number of broken bones — his jaw, chin, fractured clavicle, femur, and several ribs, in addition to a “bruised/collapsed lung” and a ruptured spleen.

Although police took the driver in for questioning, according to media reports, there was no word on whether he received a citation or could be charged.

As neighbors told reporters after the crash, Fulton, a four-lane thoroughfare, serves as a speedway for drivers along the border of Golden Gate Park in the Richmond. May was run over at a park entrance, close to a day care center.

May’s bike after the crash. Image: KTVU

Rob Weir, a neighbor of the intersection, told KTVU after the crash, “We have always said it’s going to take somebody getting seriously hurt, probably a pedestrian, for something to happen. And that, to me, is too late already.”

Exactly one month earlier, a five-year-old boy and his babysitter were hospitalized after being struck by a driver just six blocks away, at Fulton and 37th. SFPD reportedly issued that driver a citation for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

The fundraiser, organized by Creative Arts Charter School, has raised $71,660 as of today.

  • rickbynight

    I don’t care what the car “lobby” says, there is no such thing as a war on cars. This is about humans and our city, and cars have been declaring war on mere mortals for decades. If you’re behind the wheel of a 1,000+ pound piece of metal, even the slightest mistake can lead to serious injury or death. Many people seem willing to look the other way, just to drive more quickly through the city. (Hey, what’s a few dozen deaths and a couple hundred serious injuries?)

    This is entirely preventable and is an absolute tragedy. I can’t even stand to read this. What a horrible situation, and for no reason at all.

  • gary

    As said many times, if you want to injure and kill, do it with a car. All you have to do is say “he ran out from nowhere” or, “the sun was in my eyes”

  • Elias Zamaria


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