Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Opposes Level Boarding Platforms for Van Ness BRT (SFGate, Hoodline)
  • “Restore Balance”: “The Bike Lobby is Running Transport Policy… Let’s Go Back 10 Years” (SFBG)
  • More on Facebook’s Sean Parker Funding the Free Parking Measure (TechCrunch)
  • Mission Bay Residents Protest Increase in Fees for Private Shuttles Using Muni Stops (SF Examiner)
  • More on the Muni Train Contract (SFGate); Many Muni Operators Dislike Approved Labor Contract (Exam)
  • Stanley Roberts Finds Drivers Failing to Use the New Back-in Angled Parking in Front of City Hall
  • An Honest Flowchart for Your Choices in Getting Around SF (Bold Italic)
  • Portland Charges Disabled Parking Placard Holders at Meters, Parking Spaces Empty Out (Tribune)
  • More on the Proposed Embarcadero Protected Bike Lanes (Biz Times), Lower Speed Limit Study (SFBG)
  • Curbed Maps SF’s Best Privately-Owned Public Spaces, Bay Area’s Best Spots to Camp Without a Car
  • In 1894, There Was a Bicycle Messenger Route From Fresno to San “Fransisco” (Mission Mission)
  • Oakland Police Correct Statement: Cell Phone Use Not Ruled Out in Mayor Quan’s Car Crash (SFGate)

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  • Mario Tanev

    I often see the argument that SFMTA should enforce time limits, instead of enforcing meters. If that’s what SFMTA did, however, a larger percentage of its revenues would come from fines than from up-front revenue. This is contrary to what the entire city agrees should happen – make a legible system where most revenue comes from up-front fees. If revenue is shown to be 90% from fines, imagine the outrage then. Plus, consider that the Sunday church protesters were also protesting enforcement of double parking. To them, ANY enforcement, for any reason would be a reason to protest. Put this fallacy to bed.

  • JJ94117

    from the MIssion Bay article: “It’s simply naïve to expect that these very same companies that have been fragrantly violating our law for years will not continue to demonstrate the same rogue behavior once this project begins,” Shortt said.


  • shamelessly

    The Bold Italic chart suffers from windshield perspective. If you’re running late, you skip driving or transit, get on your bike, and you get there early (after almost getting killed by drivers). How hard would that have been to integrate? Instead over half the illustration is taken over by different motor vehicle modes (private car, taxi, and 2 ride-sharing services). And you can’t walk anywhere in SF? Really?

  • Needs a decision point on bike stolen, if No, probably a switch on whether or not you are killed by a car, if No: “Arrive 10 minutes early, sweaty.”

  • shamelessly

    Love it!

  • Bruce

    Polk really needs yellow soft-hit posts on the double-yellow line in front of City Hall to prevent drivers from “Behaving Badly.” The very first week those new lanes on Polk were installed I sent pictures to the SFBC as evidence that they needed to push for them with the SFMTA.

  • Andy Chow

    I am a bit partial when it comes to feeder shuttles rather than the long distance shuttles (Google buses). The primary purpose of those feeder shuttles is to connect with main line transit (BART, Caltrain, Market St, etc). They add passengers to main line transit and reduce the need for Muni to provide feeder service, which might not work as well due to its operational issues and possibly more stops along the route.

    The long distance shuttles are more about point to point, and serves a route that cannot currently be served by a single transit provider.

  • davistrain

    And I learned a new word–“Bougie” which in some circles is short for “Bourgeois”. I asked my wife (whose ancestors came from Quebec) and she said that in French is means “candle”.


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