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Gillian Gillett

I’m a mother of two - a 4th grade daughter at an SFUSD elementary school, and a preschooler who will begin at SFUSD next September. I run a small software consulting company in the Mission, where I live. I Co-Chair my neighborhood group, the San Jose/Guerrero Coalition to Save Our Streets. For the traffic calming work I’ve done, I received the SFBC’s Golden Wheel in 2005, and my neighborhood group shared the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Grand Award in 2006 for leading a “San Francisco Street Renaissance”with Octavia Boulevard. I take the 14, the 48, the J,  the 24 and BART.  I’m a lifelong Democrat and city dweller, learning the ropes from  my father during  precinct walks with him in Chicago during the Richard J. Daley administration, 49th Ward, Rogers Park.
I spent the last three years thanking my lucky stars that my ailing mother, who didn’t drive,  could have a decent quality of life here in San Francisco by taking Muni everywhere she needed to go in her fight against liver cancer – a painful fight she lost in August. My Dad, now a retired teacher, continues to battle the Republicans from his seat in the NH State House of Representatives.
My kids were born at St. Luke’s Hospital, where I am a member of the Community Advisory Council and have been working to revitalize St. Luke’s and keep it open for another 135 years.
I Chair SPUR’s Transportation Committee.

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