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Matthew Roth

Matthew Roth is a writer and journalist residing in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. After living for eight years in New York City, he is relishing the relative tranquility of riding his bike on the streets here, the much less frequent dooring incidents, and something approaching civility among Bay Area drivers. He was very happy to be involved in starting Streetsblog San Francisco and hopes to elevate the dialogue around people-oriented transportation policy in the Bay Area.

In New York City, after a stint as a fact checker and researcher at The Nation Magazine, he worked myriad jobs, from school teacher to recruiter for Doctors Without Borders. In 2006, he worked for Transportation Alternatives as Director of the NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign, where he became a parking wonk, spearheaded the campaign to eliminate parking permit abuse among civil servants, and helped bring Shoupian parking principles to that city.

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