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Record-breaking 10,000 People Biked to Work in Alameda County Today


Gloria Bruce, WOBO board president, at the Rally for Bikeways

Bike to Work Day is underway in Alameda County, and this year’s riders already broke last year’s record by 12.3 percent.

The Cities of Emeryville and Berkeley saw the largest increases, with 15 and 14 percent increases respectively. At one point, a quarter of street traffic at Sproul Plaza in the heart of Downtown Berkeley was bicycles.

Even Oakland, with a mere eight percent increase, set a new city record for its Bike to Work Day turnout.

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC) organized 79 energizer stations throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The stations dotted major corridors and destinations, offering a place for cyclists to stock up on coffee, snacks, tote bags of coupons and maps, and information about local bicycle organizations. Several stations adopted themes to give their patrons an extra boost of energy and excitement on their commute.

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On Bike to Work Day, Electeds Unite in Support of Future Bikeways

Mayor Lee and Leah Shahum bike the Wiggle to City Hall. Photo: Aaron Bialick

In the strongest showing of political support ever for bicycling in San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee, ten of the eleven members of the Board of Supervisors, and a range of city officials pedaled to City Hall with advocates and thousands of commuters on the 17th Annual Bike to Work Day. Commuters pedaling along the city’s most important route, Market Street, were greeted with new green paint and protected bike lanes thanks to SFMTA crews who have been racing to fill in the gaps.

“We have more to celebrate than ever before in the history of Bike to Work Day,” said San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) Executive Director Leah Shahum, “from the beautiful new green separated bikeways on Market Street, to dozens of new bike lanes in every neighborhood throughout the city, to hundreds of new bike racks, to dozens of new on-street bike parking corrals.”

Riding in on some of the city’s major routes, supervisors proclaimed their support for safer streets and expanding the city’s bikeway network. Mayor Lee announced that a separated bikeway would be in place on John F. Kennedy Drive by the end of the year, filling a crucial segment on the popular Bay to Beach Connecting the City route being pushed by the SFBC.

“I want to see that 100 miles from the Bay to the ocean, north and south, painted by the year 2020 to see everybody ride the whole city and connect up either way using their bikes,” said Mayor Lee, who rode to City Hall from Golden Gate Park via the Wiggle with Shahum, SFMTA Board Chair Tom Nolan, and a convoy of others.

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City Hall Rally Draws Biggest Political Showing Ever for Bike to Work Day

Ten of eleven members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Mayor Ed Lee rode bikes to City Hall this morning, and voiced their support for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the SFMTA and the vision for future bikeways in San Francisco. We’ll have full coverage soon, but in the meantime, here are some photos and audio from this morning’s City Hall rally, which begins with SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum.

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Get Ready for Bike to Work Day 2011

Photo: Neal Patel

One of my favorite things about Bike to Work Day as an everyday bicyclist is picking my free tote bag at one of the convenient energizer stations. In San Francisco, 6,000 bags are ready to be handed out tomorrow by SFBC volunteers, 50 of whom spent a recent day stuffing them with all those resourceful goodies.

For a comprehensive rundown of Bike to Work Day activities all over the Bay Area, check out Streetsblog reporter Aaron Bialick’s post from yesterday. And, of course, wherever you are in the Bay Area, we’d love to hear your stories and publish the best photos of all those beautiful people heading to work. Please add your photos to our Flickr pool, Tweet ‘em, or send them to We’ll have full coverage tomorrow.  Happy (almost) Bike to Work Day!


Bay Area Set for Its Biggest Bike to Work Day Yet

Bike commuters in Berkeley on Bike to Work Day last year. Flickr photo: EBBC

Bicycle coalitions around the Bay Area will be rolling out the red carpet for bike commuters for the 17th annual Bike to Work Day (BTWD) this Thursday with energizer stations, commuter convoys, after parties, and other fun events. As cycling continues to grow throughout the Bay Area, bicycle advocates and city officials are expecting it to be the biggest Bike to Work Day yet.

Here’s a round-up of what’s going on around the Bay on Bike to Work Day this Thursday, May 12:

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SFMTA Crews Race to Green Market Street Bike Lanes for Bike to Work Day

Photo: Aaron Bialick

SFMTA crews continue laying out the green carpet on Market Street in time to welcome the thousands of bike commuters expected on the 17th annual Bike to Work Day May 12. The improvements will help invite first-time riders to embrace the bicycle as their regular choice for commuting to work.

Bike lanes were greened on the block between 8th and 9th Streets yesterday, and crews said they’re on their way to filling in the gaps all the way down to Octavia Boulevard in time for the event.

Crews have also installed green bike boxes and highlights at bike lane merges on Lower Market Street in past weeks. They also expect to implement a particularly innovative upgrade that would add a green rectangles underneath the sharrows at Van Ness Avenue guiding riders through the interchange.

The turnout of new riders is expected to continue its strong growth over the past few years. Thirty three percent more people biked on Market Street between Bike to Work Day 2009 – 2010, bolstered by ongoing improvement efforts like reducing automobile traffic.

See more photos and a video from last year’s event after the break.

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The Little Green Man Doesn’t Know Cars, But He Likes Bikes

Mark Fiore, this year's Pulitzer Prize winner for Editorial Cartooning and the first to win for animated cartoons, recently provided this gem. Joe Commuter tries to explain to an alien visitor how mobility works on Earth and how convenient our cars are with their fuel made from "dinosaur squeezin's." With more than a few jabs at BP and the Gulf Disaster, Fiore does a great job dissecting our phenomenal reliance on petroleum. Though the alien doesn't know much about cars, he does suggest riding a bike to work instead. Higher life form indeed!

h/t Streetsblog NYC

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Streetfilms: San Francisco Celebrates Bike to Work Day 2010

San Francisco set a new record for Bike to Work Day this year. Bicyclists accounted for 75 percent of the morning roadway traffic on Market Street, a big increase over last year.

Throw in sunny skies, some new shiny green bike lanes, just-installed bike corrals, door zone warnings, and other infrastructure, and you realize there was quite a bit to celebrate. Hear from the Mayor, members of the Board of Supervisors, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and bike commuters about why this year's Bike to Work Day was so great.


Bike to Work Day 2010 Brings Out Throngs of Bay Area Bicycle Commuters

Richard_Masoner_small.jpgEnough said. Photo: Richard Masoner.

The weather for Bike to Work Day couldn't have been more agreeable and huge numbers of cyclists took to the streets throughout the Bay Area, early indicators show. In San Francisco, cyclists set a new record for Bike to Work Day, accounting for 75 percent of the morning roadway traffic on Market Street, a one-third increase over last year. Our Streetsblog Flickr pool is seeing some great photos come in from Oakland and San Jose, as well as numerous energizer stations around San Francisco.

campos_bike.jpgSupervisor David Campos laughs about something, perhaps the fact that it's always sunny in The Mission, and always more fun on a bike? Photo: Matthew Roth

Get Ready to Celebrate Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area

3533938388_7756f45991.jpgSmiling bicyclists enjoy Bike to Work Day 2009. Photo: Bryan Goebel
Some bicycle advocates have called 2010 the year of the bike. Across the country, cities are seeing growing numbers of people biking, and in the Bay Area tomorrow, that pedal power will be on vivid display for Bike to Work Day

Last year in San Francisco, the SFMTA counted a record 200,000 cyclists for Bike to Work Day and considering the exciting changes that have been happening on the city's main thoroughfare, Market Street, in the last few weeks, those numbers are likely to dramatically shoot up Wednesday. The SFBC is planning 27 energizer stations across the city. Mayor Gavin Newsom and nearly every member of the Board of Supervisors plans to take part in VIP rides.

“Scores of people will be experiencing the comfort of bicycling in the newly separated and now green Market Street bike lane for the first time on Bike to Work Day,” said Renee Rivera, acting Executive Director of the SF Bicycle Coalition. “We are thrilled to have Mayor Newsom leading these exciting biking innovations on Market Street, the city's busiest biking street. This is a great first step towards a separated bikeway the full length of lower Market Street.”

Energizer stations are also being set up all over the Bay Area. You can find your nearest energizer station here. The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition has been working on helping to organize Bike to Work Day events in the Bay Area's nine counties.

“Bicycling is growing in popularity all over the Bay Area and we’re expecting hundreds of thousands of people to choose to bike to work this year,” said Andrew Casteel, regional coordinator for Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area. “Biking to work is a fun and easy way to get in shape, save money and help the environment. Bike to Work Day is the perfect time to start riding your bike for everyday transportation."

The Streetsblog crew will be out tomorrow documenting Bike to Work Day but we encourage you to send your photos to our Flickr pool. John Hamilton, our Bay Area Streetfilms producer, will be using some of the photos for a Streetfilm on Bike to Work Day that you'll see on Streetsblog tomorrow evening. So send in your photos as soon as you can and have a great Bike to Work Day!