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Meet Our New Sacramento Teammate: Melanie Curry


Melanie Curry

Streetsblog SF and Los Angeles have a new hire starting on February 1 that will dramatically expand our coverage. I am pleased to announce that Melanie Curry will be as full-time writer covering news out of the California capitol and across the state.

Melanie will be covering statewide issues that impact transportation, open space, livability and public health. Her focus will be watching laws as move through the legislature, policies as they advance through the executive branch, regional plans as they are adopted by regional planning organizations, projects as they advance through Caltrans, the California High Speed Rail Project and anything else that pops up.

Her work will appear on Streetsblog Los Angeles, Streetsblog San Francisco, sometimes on the other Streetsblogs, and on other Southern California Streets Initiative publications including Santa Monica Next and LongBeachize.

Melanie worked for many years as an editor, most recently for Access, the University of California-published transportation research magazine. She has a Masters degree in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and has worked in transportation consulting and at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

Her preferred mode of transportation is a bicycle, although buses and trains can be useful too. Her daughter’s first commutes were in a child seat on the back of a bike.Melanie has lived in Culver City, Mexico City, Cordoba (Spain), Singapore, Oakland, and Berkeley, where she now makes her home with husband and nearly grownup daughter. Her goal is to change the perception that bicycles are dangerous, and wants everyone to have the chance to experience the joy and freedom of that perfect transportation machine.

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Streetsblog Seeks Freelance Reporters in the East Bay

Streetsblog SF is looking for experienced freelance journalists in the East Bay who are knowledgeable and passionate about livable streets and sustainable transportation issues — from public space expansions like the botched Latham Square project, to open streets events like Oaklavia and Sunday Streets Berkeley, to efforts to build safer bike lanes and improve service on BART and AC Transit.

East Bay reporters would be expected to cover public hearings and press conferences, and seek interviews with advocates and policymakers.

Streetsblog freelancers are paid per article. If you or someone you know fits the bill, send resumes and writing samples to

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Give to Streetsblog SF for a Chance to Win a Sleek New Bike Lock

We’ve got another great reason to donate to Streetsblog’s year-end pledge drive – give before midnight Sunday, and you’ll be entered to win a sleek TiGr titanium bike lock:


One of these sleek bike locks is going to a reader who gives $50 or more by Sunday at midnight.

With parking-obsessed merchants — and now even the city’s own Fire Department — standing in the way of street safety measures that save lives, progress is far from assured. As the city takes up ballot measures to fund major improvements to its networks for transit, walking, and biking, there’s a lot on the line in 2014.

Streetsblog needs your support to counteract the misinformation and hold city leaders to their promises on livable streets and a better Muni.

Also, don’t forget, everyone who gives $50 or more before the end of the year will also be eligible to take home a new Public C7 or V7 bicycle. We have bikes to give away to two lucky readers:


A huge thanks to the readers who’ve contributed so far — every donation brings us closer to our goal!

– Aaron


I’m Getting Married to the Girl I Met on Muni

Therese and I at Inner Sunset Sundays in 2011.

Six years ago today, I struck up a conversation with Therese as we walked through the fare gates into Powell Station to wait for the N-Judah. I’d seen her there before, since we both regularly took the train after our late-night retail shifts in Union Square through the holiday shopping season. Last weekend, while waiting for the N at the same place on nearly the same day, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. She still has the Muni transfer from the day we met (pictured right).

Obviously, we’re really excited, and I wanted to share it with our readers. But I also think our story is a testament to the social connections and opportunities that are fostered by using public transit, walking, and biking. Therese and I would have never met if we commuted by car.

Therese’s transfer from 2007.

In fact, one of the main reasons Therese and I both happened to move to SF from the Los Angeles area is because it’s a relatively easy place to live car-free. The chance for everyday social interactions while traveling is one of the greatest benefits of living in a walkable city. I’m sure you all can share countless stories of coincidental run-ins while making your way around on Muni or walking down the street.

A bit more introduction: Therese and I earned our degrees together at SF State, and today she still takes the N to her office job in SoMa. (She says she would take her bike, as she has to other jobs, but getting to South Beach is a bit far and feels pretty dangerous.) We share an Inner Sunset studio with our cat George (who is actually a girl).

That’s all for my little personal announcement. I also wanted to thank everyone who’s donated to keep Streetsblog going, both in our current fundraising drive and in the past few years. (And that reminds me – please give if you haven’t already!) Here’s to a bright new year ahead.

– Aaron

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Give to Streetsblog SF and You Could Win a New PUBLIC Bike

Streetsblog SF relies on support from readers like you to keep people plugged in to San Francisco’s movement for livable streets. Please make a tax-deductible gift to Streetsblog SF – your support is what enables us to produce high-impact reporting and commentary making the case for safer streets and effective transit.

When the SFPD responded to Amelie Le Moullac’s death on Folsom Street by blaming victims and neglecting to search for key video evidence, Streetsblog was there to report on the injustice. In the wake of the incident, Streetsblog continued to shed light on the anti-bike bias entrenched among too many SFPD officers. This coverage is raising awareness of systemic problems and creating pressure for change.

With an audience that includes city supervisors and top officials at departments like the SFMTA, Planning, and the SFPD, our coverage continues to make a clear impact. Following a Streetsblog post highlighting SFPD’s continued use of the word “accident” to describe traffic crashes, the department re-named its Major Accident Investigation Team to the Major Collision Investigation Team. Streetsblog coverage helped galvanize support for safer conditions on Polk Street and Folsom Street, where the SFMTA is out this week putting the finishing touches on a new buffered bike lane. After Streetsblog highlighted the abysmal state of funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, Mayor Ed Lee pledged to put money behind the SFMTA’s Pedestrian Strategy, and Supervisor Eric Mar called a hearing on funding the Bicycle Strategy (which happened this morning).

There’s still much to be done. Crucial funding measures for safer, more reliable transportation options are expected to hit the ballot next November, and major street redesigns are in the pipeline for 2014. We know nothing changes easily here in SF — Streetsblog needs your support to keep the pressure on.

If you value Streetsblog’s work countering misinformation spread by opponents of progressive transportation policies, if you want journalism that holds city officials’ feet to the fire, please make a contribution.

For extra motivation, thanks to our friends at PUBLIC Bikes we are giving away one C7 and one V7 bicycle to two lucky readers picked out of a hat after December 31. Take a look:


Support from our readers helps sustain Streetsblog SF. Thanks for donating!

– Aaron

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Streetsblog Hiring a Reporter to Cover Statewide News Out of Sacramento

Streetsblog is happy to announce the opening of a new, full-time Sacramento-based reporting position to cover livable streets news from around California and the state capitol beginning in early 2014.


The writer would cover the state legislature, executive branch, Caltrans, high-speed rail, and other issues outside of the greater Los Angeles and Bay Areas, working closely with the editors of Streetsblog LA and San Francisco, as well as the team at OpenPlans, Streetsblog’s parent organization.

Major funding for the position comes from the California Endowment and a generous anonymous donor. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our readers.

Streetsblog LA is also hiring a local reporter in that area. You can find the text of the applications for the Sacramento position and LA position on Google Drive. They will be posted tomorrow on the Streetsblog jobs board.

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Grand Opening: Show Your Love for Streetsblog SF With a Hoodie or T-Shirt

It’s getting cold out there, but Streetsblog’s got your back. Streetsblog San Francisco hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers are now available at our new online store.

Trust me, there’s no way to look more fashionable when that hottie’s eyeing you as you strut through the crosswalk, glide down the bike lane, or sit fancifully on Muni. Plus, the proceeds help support our work covering livable streets and sustainable transportation in SF.

The holidays are coming up fast — wink, wink.

Click here to check out what we’ve got for sale.

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Get Involved With Streetsblog — Internship Available

Streetsblog San Francisco is seeking an intern who wants to get involved in online media covering the local livable streets movement. The intern will perform tasks like posting daily headlines, updating the events calendar, maintaining the appearance of the site, and potentially writing content for the blog.

Ideal candidates will have experience in writing and communications, possess a strong familiarity with San Francisco, and share our passion for progressive transportation and planning policies that make the city a better place for transit, biking, and walking. Interns would be paid a small stipend for their work and have the opportunity to take on more challenging responsibilities over time.

Availability requires about 5 to 10 hours per week. Early morning or late night availability for up to three days per week is needed to post the day’s headlines.

People of color, LGBT individuals, women and members of other underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply please submit a cover letter, resume, references and three writing samples to

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Streetsblog Needs Your Support Tonight to Keep Rolling in 2014

Tonight at midnight marks the end of Streetsblog’s spring pledge drive, and we need your contributions to helps us stay on the beat for livable streets and sustainable transportation in San Francisco in 2014.

We’re looking forward in the coming months to bringing you the details on the approaching launch of Bay Area Bike Share, advancing the discussion on transforming streets like Second and Barlett into people-friendly havens, and keeping the pressure on city leaders to increase the abysmal levels of funding for Muni and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.

It’s because of your contributions that we’ve been able to bring recent coverage setting the facts straight on heated issues like freeway removal, rational parking pricing, and fearmongering around parking removal for protected bike lanes on Polk Street.

If you haven’t already donated, please show your support if you care about what we do. If you have donated, thank you — and feel free to donate again! Don’t forget — those who donate $50 or more will be in the running to win a gorgeous hand-painted Belle Helmet, a Yardstash tent for your bike, or the grand prize: a Dahon folding bike.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to those who have shown their support. See you on the streets.

– Aaron

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Give to Streetsblog SF and You Could Win a Dahon Folding Bike

When Streetsblog San Francisco launched in 2009, I was glued. There I was, a student at SF State University frustrated by the constant missed opportunities to make the city’s streets safer for walking and biking and to speed up Muni. But the city’s movement for livable streets seemed to be coalescing into something bigger, and the launch of Streetsblog seemed to come at just the right time.

As a reader, the coverage from Bryan, Matthew, and Michael in those first years gave me a new perspective on what was standing in the way of everything from corner sidewalk extensions to protected bike lanes (remember the bike injunction?) to Bus Rapid Transit routes — and it helped connect me with ways to take action.

Thanks to reader support, Streetsblog has been able to persevere, and for the last year-and-a-half I have had the incredible privilege to manage and produce Streetsblog SF. If you value the coverage we provide, please make a contribution to Streetsblog during our spring pledge drive, so we can continue to bring you the latest in livable streets.

Since a group of fearmongering merchants started to threaten the redesign of Polk Street for safer walking and biking, Streetsblog has been the only news source cutting through the misinformation and holding our supposedly bike-friendly leaders’ feet to the fire. When the Mayor’s Office endorsed a proposal for SF’s next freeway removal, we broke the news and got the conversation rolling. And no one else is covering important issues like parking policy or regional urban planning in as much detail as Streetsblog.

We can’t do it without support from readers like you. And to sweeten the deal a bit, anyone who makes a gift of $50 or more (or a monthly gift of $5 or more) will be entered into the drawing to take home an awesome folding bike, courtesy of Dahon:

In the coming months, Streetsblog will need your support as we push our electeds at City Hall to fund the city’s visionary bicycle and pedestrian strategies, track the re-shaping of Market Street, hold the SFPD to its pledge to enforce the most dangerous driving behaviors, and see through the SFMTA’s implementation of delayed protected bike lanes and pedestrian safety upgrades on Fell and Oak Streets. Plus, when KTVU broadcasts ridiculous scaremongering reports about bike-share, who else is going to call them out?

Thanks to all our donors for making Streetsblog possible. Please make a tax-deductible gift to help us raise $40,000 by June 1 and keep us going through 2013 and beyond.

– Aaron