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    Thomas Rogers

    Not sure if it was featured already, but Hoodline has an interesting, long interview with Planning Commissioner Dennis Richards:


    Michael Smith

    Note: a traffic signal, even a Transit Preferential Signal, will do no good whatsoever when buses are stuck behind a queue of cars, as happens at Buchanan.

    Also, it should be noted that the idea for the transit lane between Buchanan and Laguna did not originate with the SFMTA. Instead, it happened because activists pushed for it. So keep pushing!



    Is the ‘PROTECTED bikeway’ you’re speaking of different thean a ‘protected bikeway’? Is there a difference between one that is designated with all capital letters and one that is not? I’m still learning all of the jargon and technical terms for these things and the language the city planners use.



    (cars are, on average, parked 95% of the time)



    Great pic, illustrates the problems and how a simple solution can solve many of them (clearly never was “transit first” – it’s so heartening to see these changes!)



    Looks like there seems to be a lack of accountability in getting this project done right in a timely manner especially in the past, I would hope that this project gets done ASAP, the time for delaying has to stop, I’ve seen too many delays when it comes to building good PROTECTED cycling infrastructure here in San Francisco. I’m curious if the enhanced “protected,” sections will be painted green entirely? Because the photo in the article with the renderings doesn’t show the whole lane painted green.

    Secondly it would be great if they can build a PROTECTED bikeway extending from Baker where the improvements end, to Fell and Stanyan, or Fell and Shrader, or it can lead into Golden Gate Park, something like that bordering the Panhandle



    How about a BRT-style boarding island for that block?



    Yeah, left turns require crossing two lanes of speeding traffic. If there are a lot of cars it’s not fun. I guess you’re supposed to plan based on whether you’ll be turning right or left down the line and pick a doorzone lane from the get-go accordingly. But it’s not always as easy as that, for various reasons.

    Yeah, I also strongly question the wisdom of striping two 5-ft. lane doorzones instead of any other number of protected options. Apparently it was part of a road diet in 2007 before protected bike lanes were on the radar for most places in California:

    Before road diet

    After road diet

    Sac is hopefully considering better things, though, including a potential protected intersection:

    Davis is also apparently looking into it in a couple of places:

    Will the Sac area be the first in the US to build one? We’ll see!



    That’s awesone – easier to turn left, though you’d have to be comfortable as a vehicular cyclist.

    I do question the logic of striping two door zone bike lanes instead of using that ROW for a buffered or (better yet) parking-protected path.



    I’ve thought for awhile you could probably also do a comparison study on the dual-side, yes, *dual-side* conventional bike lanes around Midtown Sacramento. The first time I biked on one of those streets I was like…wait…what?


    bob tobb

    I think you’re both in agreement.



    “if your on time rate is continuously decreasing, then there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.”

    Yes. Mayor Lee telling SFMTA to ignore double parked vehicles that stall the bus lines is a serious problem And no way in hell is he going to let Ed Reiskin address it.




    From what I heard, NYC prefers left-side bike lanes on *one-way streets* because: [1] they run along passenger doors only (which have a lower likelihood of being opened), [2] fewer left turns occur than rights (but I haven’t seen the data), and [3] the driver is closer to the person biking and is theoretically better able to notice them before their path’s cross. I wonder if they’ve done a comparison study…



    Why are we still listening to a word that comes out of John Haley’s mouth? He has clearly proved himself to be the incompetent leader of an incompetent organization. Don’t believe me? You could look at the “related articles” to this one, listing years worth of false hope over the double birthing plan. Or you could just try to ride Metro tonight; get ready for “computer problems,” stalled trains, and lots of time slogging in manual mode while riding a jam-packed car.

    These guys aren’t competent to run a child’s toy train set let alone a passenger railway.



    25-passenger bus waiting for a handful of single-occupant cars doesn’t make sense to me.


    Bob Gunderson

    Bus idling 2 minutes so that cars can idle 95% of the time makes sense to me.



    Hah yeah this one definitely has a good reason.

    Btw the one on Oak (going the reverse direction from the Panhandle to the Wiggle) is on the right side, of course.

    For a virtual tour of the Wiggle -> Panhandle part:



    I’m not saying you need to hit 85% this month, but if your on time rate is continuously decreasing, then there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. They already count a bus “on time” if it’s 4 minutes late.

    And if you set a goal, but there is no accountability, there is no point in setting goals. Because when they reach their “goal”, they’ll claim success and demand bonuses. When they don’t meet them, some excuse will appear and everyone will just shrug and say, “Oh that MUNI, up to no good again.”

    Tax payer money, bridge toll money, and fares are being wasted. Service hasn’t improved, but a lot more money keeps getting pumped into the system. That there should be enough for anyone to cry foul.

    There are plenty of muni drivers who could use some retraining. And there is definite poor communication between MUNI execs and the drivers. The 52 bus line changed routes temporarily because of construction last month and we’ve had drivers take all different permutation of routes, none of which are the official ones.



    Looking forward to the SFTRU PUBlic Transit Crawl!

    Those are always really fun :D



    Ah, thanks for the info. Writing from New York where we put all of our protected lanes on the left for no good reason.



    File under: I’ll believe it when I see it.



    I always assumed it was on the left side of Fell because the main goal of that stretch is to get people from the Wiggle into the Panhandle, both of which are on the southern (left) side of Fell.

    If it were on the right side of the street that’d require crossing over twice for the majority of people going from the Wiggle to the Panhandle.



    Why on the left side? Are we trying to lure British tourists to cycle?



    Another problem is that meeting an aggressive on-time goal is in conflict with safe driving practice. We don’t want bus drivers speeding to meet their on-time goals. On-time goals work in commercial aviation because pilot’s behavior is under heavy scrutiny. If they cut corners to make up time then that behavior will be noticed and there are even heavier repercussions.



    Perfect! I am following you now :)



    There are some really great people on The Board. But what matters is what comes out of the process. I am not holding my breath on this one.



    Agree. What frustrates and angers is the Muni spokesman’s obfuscation. Reading the article one does not get an analysis of what exactly is causing the increased delays. There are hints that it is a dearth of operators or operator behavior (e.g. not starting on time from the end of the line) or a lack of functioning buses and trains due to maintenance or an insufficient number of buses/trains for an increased ridership. No pinpointing of causes, just a lot possibles. All of which leads to hands in the air and “we are trying”, but most important, no accountability. If you can’t measure what matters, you can’t fix it.


    Jym Dyer

    I’m kinda sick of The Dude at this point. Yeah, I know, that’s like just my opinion, man.





    Gotta love the Sausage King of Chicago quoting The Dude.



    The problem being if the goal is pretty much inherently non-achievable, all you get by firing everybody is a succession of lower achievers, who come even further from the goal.


    Abe Froman

    “I’m not worried about getting hit by a bike.”

    Well that’s your opinion…



    Last I heard you are considered on time if you are in the range from 1 minute early to 4 minutes late.

    The best part is there is no accountability. If they can’t get to 85%, then all heads of SFMTA should be fired. If you don’t hold people accountable, they will never reach the goals.



    How do they measure “on-time”? It would be interesting to have a breakdown of the length of delays.



    How many of the proprietors on Polk who object to bike lanes displacing consumer parking spaces have yellow metered loading zones in front of their businesses?


    Opus the Poet

    Tweaking not required, just pay the €90 for the CROW manual and follow that. Proven bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure from the safest country to be both in the world. Fewer pedestrian deaths and injuries go with good bicycle infrastructure like peanut butter and jelly.



    Ah, didn’t realize that my settings were doing that. Just changed them–how’s it now?


    Richard Mlynarik

    Just keep throwing money at them!

    Electrification was already at 2x the going rate of any advanced industrialized first world democracy, before the “unexpected” increase in the “estimates”, and before any and all actual improvements in service were pushed off into “just trust us we’ll do it all later for sure” mythical “Phase 2″.

    But yes, you’re right. This is indeed old news. The same cast of rent-seeking non-achieving barrell-bottom-scrapers have been not delivering and blowing out costs for three decades now. But just a couple more billion and another two decades and … who knows what we’ll still be promised.



    54% Muni on-time performance. That’s crazy, especially in light of the Mayor pushing to spend $20 million a year to give away free Muni passes and Sunday meters.



    The cost estimate increase for Caltrain electrification is old news. The price tag for the additional improvements for longer platforms and level boarding is new news.



    Yes, perhaps it is “almost impossible to live in the neighborhood” when you’re without adequate bike/ped infrastructure and facing a nice risk of death in traffic.

    If a couple of businesses that don’t believe numbers and are cool with people getting hurt on their street go out of business, I’m certain something better will be happy to take their storefronts.



    Union and Vallejo, as well.



    Yes, that’s what i noticed. Thanks


    Bob Gunderson

    Look, the merchants have already been “flexible” with their god given part of street. And if they’re ok with a murderous street design, maybe we should be too?



    The SFMTA RPP Division will be presenting their recommendation for the RPP Zone Q to the SFMTA Board at a hearing on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 1:00pm. This is the last chance for commenting on whether or not you would like to bring Residential Parking Permits to the neighborhood.

    There are two methods for getting your voice heard to the SFMTA:
    1) Send an email stating your support (or opposition) clearly to the RPP Coordinator at
    2) Attend the SFMTA Board Meeting on Tuesday, February 17 @ 1:00pm in City Hall. Room TBD.

    It is very important to attend and speak at the Board Meeting, especially if you are in favor of implementing the RPP. It is crucial to show the SFMTA Board that there is genuinely a desire by the neighborhood residents to move forward with the RPP Zone Q. Opposition to the RPP brought large numbers of vocal neighbors opposed to establishing the new RPP Zone Q to the last hearing in January and a strong showing of support for the RPP Zone Q is needed at this final hearing before the SFMTA Board in order to gain board approval.

    PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS ON ALL CORRESPONDENCE so the SFMTA can confirm that you reside within the RPP Zone.



    You can get email alerts when someone you follow comments on any Discus platform, unless their privacy is setting disallows it.



    If only that clear vision could get through to those who need to ‘get’ it.



    Have differing conclusions, but yours are interesting observations, planning5.



    Columbus is, indeed, next at bat.



    …and talk with merchants and others in the neighborhoods at issue? And we will all get involved with constructive, not scapegoating, efforts in future?