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    It’s been great seeing the work you’ve contributed to Streetsblog SF, I remembered the very first day when you took over as the head editor a few years ago back in 2012 I think? I could be wrong. Boy, does time fly by quickly. Though I skimmed Streetsblog occasionally prior, I didn’t really become a normal everyday reader until you came in. I will totally miss the work you do. Good luck in your future endeavors! :)



    is there a shared view we can read? guess i could go get a dead tree version…


    Morgan Fitzgibbons

    CW Nevius writing a mostly sensible article in support of cyclists?? Now I’ve seen everything!



    I think you misinterpreted the article.

    “Ignorance and misinterpretation of traffic laws among SFPD officers —
    even the supposed experts — is a sign of the anti-bike bias that
    pervades the department”



    oh come on.


    Abe Froman

    This article argues that the SFPD misinterprets the law on stop signs for cyclists. Yet there is nothing included that refutes the SFPD interpretation. What’s the law then?





    They know the laws, they just like dead bicyclists.



    I agree…I ride nearly everyday and sometimes drive, and everything seems the same as usual to me.



    The “research” is the empirical evidence where this law has actually been implemented. That evidence suggests that the fact that this “seems so counter-intuitive” doesn’t mean squat.

    People tend to place an awful lot of faith in their own intuition. As it turns out, that confidence is unjustified a surprisingly high percentage of the time.



    Thanks, Chief Suhr.



    I am glad you had a positive interaction in The Wiggle today. I was there yesterday as a pedestrian and also got a big smile and a wave from a cute cyclist as I was crossing. I have never felt unsafe or threatened by a cyclist when I am a pedestrian in The Wiggle or anywhere else. The only time I have had anything like a close call is when I was on a bicycle myself.

    If SFPD uniformly enforced laws against speeding, they would never get more than few yards outside of their station houses, since almost all drivers in SF break the speed laws.


    Asher Of LA

    Finite resources means finite enforcement. You have to prioritize. Focusing on the most dangerous infractions is a sensible approach. Altering street designs is another.



    Ironic stories about opposition to Avalos’ proposed “stop as yield” (everyone must follow the law!!!) is up against a story about people “renting their driveways” (which is clearly illegal — only a resident of a property can park there). Funny how people get pedantic about obeying the law only when it’s inapplicable to their daily lives.


    SF Guest

    SFMTA is a friend.



    I have to say….I really feel sorry for everyone. All residents of San Francisco.

    Earlier tonight I had a nice peaceful walk home from school with my daughter. Was crossing the wiggle and had a couple of bikes stop for us. One cute woman said “Hi Cutie” to my kid as we crossed. All was awesome!!

    But right before that interaction there was an SFPD police car coming down the street we were walking on. They obviously saw the same “slow rollers” that I did and they did not do anything. nothing. at. all.

    But as a cyclist/pedestrian/motorist what do you do when you have uneven enforcement of laws? That really sucks.

    I am predominantly a pedestrian in SF. If a law enforcement officer sees me breaking a law I expect the law enforcement officer to ticket me. While I am walking. While I am biking. While I am driving. That is what we pay them to do. Help us all be good citizens.

    When you have random, select enforcement of laws it gets really messed up for all of us. Bikes. Cars. People walking their kids to and from school.

    I would really love if we could have some intelligent law that says “if NO ONE is at the intersection have it…. but otherwise follow the rules” but it will never happen.


    Volker Neumann

    All I could thing of was this transcript of Austin police ad-libbing a car/bike collision – it felt kind of like that at the community meeting at Park Station:



    If Wallace jumped upon the hood of a vehicle then that is a very aggressive act, similar to the guy at the CM incident a few weeks ago.

    Whatever happened to the old fashioned idea of two parties involved in an accident having a polite chat, exchanging insurance details, and then moving on?



    Are you suggesting that SFPD should be biased towards one class of road user over another?



    SFPD is not a friend of cyclists.



    Now, why is it that the people who have the most trouble forming sentences have the least trouble forming crazy conspiracy theories. Oh, because they’re crazy.



    I think you have to get the SFBC on board and then it’ll be OK.



    No politician is going to raise the millions of dollars to run a campaign that he or she can’t win in order to make a point.



    D’oh! It’s not called advocacy journalism for nothing.



    I will grant that the photo does look a bit odd. But per the Examiner article, “Witnesses took photos, including one that showed Wallace’s head over the top of the car, as he held onto the windshield” – a bit more detail on that would help.



    SFPD will decline to arrest and the DA will refuse to press charges. It will turn out the driver is politically connected to Willie Brown and everyone will have a good laugh over it.



    There is no evidence whatsoever that this incident was staged. Even the SFPD are not denying that the incident took place.

    You continually post factually incorrect information on this blog. You spread a narrative that reflects what you would like to be the truth, rather than what is actually the truth. It’s utterly disgraceful behavior, particularly when someone has been injured, and you need to be called out on it.



    Re: CBS article on cyclist on windshield

    The article says, “but tensions have been growing between motorists and bicyclists in San Francisco for several months now.”

    Really? What is their evidence for this? I have not heard this anywhere nor seen it in my own personal experience. The relationship seems normal ….



    Not really 😉

    Only 2 places and then had to get back to the kid. Wife wouldnt give me a full night hall pass.



    “As a side note I am pretty sure we met years ago on a ride/pub crawl up the peninsula.”

    So you’re saying you bike while intoxicated…. :)



    Nope….not a sockpuppet =)

    Actually want to say I really appreciate you here and most places you comment. You seem to have a reasonable approach that the streets and city belong to everyone. No just cars, or bikes or pedestrians but to all residents.

    Unfortunately what I described above is far too common occurrence in my life. Todays anecdote is the most common one. Large vehicle stops for me to cross. Cyclist coming up behind rides beside car and doesnt see me because of large vehicle, then blows through crosswalk right in front of my face. At least that guy said sorry before I could say anything. Some do, most dont. That is when, in a low calm voice, I point out the stop sign. Tried playing the victim for years but most dont seem to care.

    Then for the second incident of the day I was waiting for muni and watching pedestrian crossing haight. Guy was coming down haight too fast, slammed on his brakes when the guy in the crosswalk didnt stop for him and cut right in front of him.

    As a side note I am pretty sure we met years ago on a ride/pub crawl up the peninsula.



    the best sockpuppets know how to mix it up



    Definitely not the Colonel. If I was wouldnt I have made about 20 posts to this thread yesterday? I just dont have the time.

    I do miss him at times though.



    Really? Really?

    I should have to just keep my mouth shut when someone is breaking the law and endangering my life for fear that I may be attacked? That is how you want me to live? Is that how YOU want to live? Also a really good example for my kid. “You know, when we see someone breaking the law we just shouldnt say anything. It might get us in trouble.” It isnt though I yelled at the guy….just calmly said that there was a stop sign there.

    This is not the way I will live.

    (Not to mention the 2 construction workers near me watching who yelled profanities at the guy nor the 27 years I have been studying 2 different martial arts. I really didnt feel unsafe at all.)


    Darksoul SF

    Seems one sided.


    Darksoul SF

    I hope Mayor veto the unsafe law to ensure safety and disregard the supporters (who think is safe).


    Darksoul SF

    That (possible fake) incident looks like a attempt to denounce drivers and picture look very odd (it maybe staged to get that person attention.).



    Jarrett Walker of Human Transit has a good piece on stop distance:

    He points out 400 meters is a generic, commonly used distance between stops, so 500m would be quite a bit above the average, actually. Of course local contexts vary widely. It’s certainly way above the SF average!



    Google Maps says 550m, or 1800 ft, which is actually pretty far for bus stop spacing. Muni uses a standard of 900 – 1400 ft (275 – 425 m), which I think is about right; the issue in SF is that most stops are closer together than the official standard says they should be.

    Shame on Oakland. SF isn’t perfect, but I can’t imagine the city doing something as brazenly disrespectful of transit riders as this.



    Actually, in Idaho red lights are legally *stop signs* to people on bikes. In other words, it works like this:

    stop sign = yield legally required
    stop light = full stop legally required

    Conflicts and injuries? Down.


    david vartanoff

    30th is the best stop location as it is the access point to “Pill Hill” with the shallowest grade. Shame on Oakland. The response should have been “don’t like transit riders? move your bank”.



    “Make sure you do indeed vote for the other candidates.”

    Like who, exactly?


    Jeffrey Baker

    There is no serious opposition.



    he needs to park it in the crosswalk at Turk and Leavenworth



    So, you have a photo with the bicyclist on the hood of the car, numerous witnesses, and yet, “It’s not sure…the cyclist went on the hood. We have one side of the story, we don’t have the other side of the story.”

    Yes, by all means, wait for the other side of the story…


    Jeffrey Baker

    Re: the EBX article on the stop removal on the AC Transit 51 line, the remaining stops at Hawthorne and 28th are only 500 meters apart. Isn’t that close enough, bordering on ridiculously close together?


    Jeffrey Baker

    Brilliant. I love that the press continues to blank out license plates under the mistaken assumption that people have a right to privacy upon the public streets.




    Jeffrey Baker

    CBS link in the first item is bogus.



    Cyclist on windshield

    Let’s not forget double fines in construction zone. Throw the book at this driver.