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    So I’m a data oriented guy, I’d like to know exactly how many lives a parking space is worth. Or maybe we should measure in…number of lives worth taking to park x meters closer. You know, I’m the first to say that we shouldn’t be obsessive about liability, things like “hot coffee” bug me, and the obsessive rhetoric about ISIS and boogeyman terrorists is a crime, possibly one of terrorism. But traffic deaths aren’t a hypothetical, for most people, its the most likely of cause of sudden/violent/unexpected death or serious injury they face, how can we be so stupid about this.



    Oh yeah, blocking streets worked soooo well for ACT UP, Occupy and Black Lives Matter! Let’s stop BART trains while we’re at it! Of course, all it would do is aggravate people who are generally in agreement with you and get you written off as a radical with an extremist agenda.



    Turn our backs to him when he starts to dribble his rhetoric.



    Really?? Save for Polk street – ed lee has done more for cyclist’s then all other mayor’s combined – by orders of magnitude.
    The fact that the Bike Coalition didn’t get it’s way and a compromised was reached is the way life works. The bike coalition, correct me if I am wrong, has gotten everything else it asked for during Ed Lee’s administration.
    What I am reading in the comment section, that all the sudden the optometrist has bad reviews etc really reinforces the point that cyclist need to grow up. SF is a very congested place and nobody is going to get a 100% of what they ask for period.
    The merchants along Polk know their business and their customers far better than street bloggers or SF Bike Coalition – and you should respect that fact.



    And since we can’t stop every Zodiac killer or terrorist bombing or apple-picking, we should do nothing at all to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists?



    Simpler. Show up to Bike to Work Day and when Lee takes the podium, everyone gives him the raspberry.



    What does this have to do with making Polk safer for cyclists?

    We know that cyclists have been hit on Polk Street. That means that those cyclists were actually on the street – not the sidewalk.

    We should absolutely do what we can to get cyclists off the sidewalk, but that has nothing to do with the safety of the street itself. Wait – I take that back. Have you ever stopped to consider *why* cyclists might be on the sidewalk? Do you think it might perhaps be because the street is known to be an unsafe place to ride?

    The context in which you place your comment would be like saying that because some motor vehicle drove onto the sidewalk and killed a pedestrian, we should not replace Doyle Drive.



    # of times I’ve been shot at: 0
    # of times someone has nearly run me over in their car because they weren’t paying attention: Lost count a long time ago



    So you are saying that in those streets in Copehagen you will be able to leave your house without having your life threatened multiple times. I am sure there are more dangers in life than just cars. You can get shot, just to mention one kind of possibility. There are plenty of more…



    Your very first comment was “I have experienced the same dangerous moments by bikers, who are wearing headphones, riding on the sidewalk as we both turn in opposite direction and he slams into my son’s stroller…”

    However, that’s nonsense. You may have been nervous at those times, but to call those incidents “the same dangerous moments” as runn3r85 talks about is a pretty clear indication that you aren’t thinking about the physics of the matter and the real danger involved in the situations you describe vs. the situations (s)he is talking about.

    If you are truly trying to improve pedestrian safety, it makes zero sense to claim that near misses with bicycles are “the same dangerous moments” as near misses with cars.

    You can have your opinions, of course, but unless you care about the facts about traffic safety, you’ll never have a chance of making the streets safer for pedestrians. It’s your choice whether you want to rely on your gut feelings or objective data about injuries and fatalities, but I hope you decide to go with the latter.



    I am beginning to think we need a mass action, like many hundreds of people organizing a single day of die-ins. We could shut down every street and intersection for an hour where a pedestrian or bike rider has died in a collision with a car/truck over the past ten years.


    Morgan Fitzgibbons

    Ed Lee doesn’t care about Vision Zero in San Francisco any more than he knows how to use that crosswalk striper. In both cases somebody just told him he would look better if he stood next to it.



    No, that’s a false equivalence if I’ve ever heard one. Have you ever seen the pedestrian-only streets of Copenhagen? Have you seen the streets throughout Europe where only local cars (and delivery vehicles) are permitted?

    Maybe you’ll still have a dangerous encounter now and then, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as dangerous as SF is today.



    And please stop telling me what I should do.
    “you should still be much more concerned about incompetent or careless car drivers than bikers for the reasons I stated above”.
    “Keep a sense of perspective.”
    I just wanted to post my very own experience and opinion.



    Thanks for the physics lesson, but I am educated too. (entitled much?) I am aware of how dangerous cars are, I was in a very traumatic car accident at age 14.
    Regardless, since you keep a very important point out of your reply, let me repeat myself: “And let me be clear, I am not defending the cars or pedestrian over bikers. no. I am saying we all need to be safe. A bike is still a vehicle. A pedestrian is my priority.”



    FYI, construction on Bartlett has finally started. So far it’s the west half of the road and sidewalk demolished.



    I have experienced the same dangerous moments by bikers, who are wearing headphones, riding on the sidewalk as we both turn in opposite direction and he slams into my son’s stroller…

    Physics 101: Force equals mass times acceleration. Cars have more mass and (usually) more acceleration than bicycles, so cars are much more dangerous. Apples and oranges.

    A pedestrian is my priority.
    If pedestrian safety is your priority, then you should still be much more concerned about incompetent or careless car drivers than bikers for the reasons I stated above. Cars cause more damage than bicycles, so car drivers need to be more careful. As far as I know, in 2014 there was only one person killed by being hit by a bicycle in the entire country. There are thousands of people killed every year by collisions with cars. Keep a sense of perspective.



    Sorry to break the news that WHEREVER you go, you will still leave your house and your life will be threatened multiple times still. And that is never one politician responsibility. It will still happen to you in Greenland. That grass is not that much greeener.



    I have experienced the same dangerous moments by bikers, who are wearing headphones, riding on the sidewalk as we both turn in opposite direction and he slams into my son’s stroller… Same thing happened when the kid was walking. I have bikers creeping up to us from behind because they are going to grab that bike parking space, and when the kid stops (young kids act erratically!) suddenly and the biker almost runs him over and gets a piece of my mind, he calls me crazy lady. Ladies wearing high heels, dresses and no helmet, almost falls on top my car because the heel was not stable. Plenty of bike riders never stopping at the stop sign. Speaking on the phone while riding at night on a dark Mission st…. I could keep going.
    And let me be clear, I am not defending the cars or pedestrian over bikers. no. I am saying we all need to be safe. A bike is still a vehicle. A pedestrian is my priority. Thanks!


    Bob Gunderson

    Hey I don’t go to your posts and knock the bikes out of your crotch! (though I’d like to)


    Lee Ross

    Again I will say it.This Accidental Mayor is the Biggest Clueless Clown. More Lame than Frank Jordan and that is saying a lot. To compare Ed Lee to Bill DeBlasio is an Insult to the New York Mayor. What a joke that this so called Cosmopolitan City has a Bureaucratic Lifer picked from Public Works Department to be its Mayor. And remember it was the self promoting and way past his Prime Willie Brown who put Ed Lee in Charge of DPW,. Kudos to Joe Rodriguez for Asking the Tough Questions.


    Chris J.

    To say that you won’t promote safety over cars and parking means that you don’t believe in Vision Zero. It’s as simple as that.



    Wait, Bobby. What’s ‘Parking’ doing down at number 3 along with ‘Killed by a car?’ Isn’t it supposed to be your number 1 concern, along with ‘Killed by a car?’


    Bob Gunderson

    Mayor Lee is right. We need “balance” when it comes to our streets. Everything is important.



    or across the Pacific.



    At today’s SFCTA Vision Zero Committee meeting, I held a graphic of bicycle collisions on Polk (courtesy of Eric Tucker aka @SF_Transit_News) as I reminded the Committee that we’re ostensibly applying crash data to make our safety design decisions. In light of that, Folks for Polk is requesting the data used to axe the #Pine2CAOnPolk block of the raised cycleway. Failing hard data, we requested that that block be reinstated into the plans as a raised cycleway. I’ll follow up with a letter to the Committee members (E. Mar, Dct 1; J. Kim, Dct. 3; N. Yee Dct. 7). A high-ranking MTA staffer, pleased with my request, said, ‘We know what happened, but we can’t say.’



    “Again, I’ll have to leave it to the MTA to be the entity that makes
    the best decision possible for what’s going on on the entire Polk
    Street. They have to listen to ME – BECAUSE I AM MAYOR FREAKING ED LEE and they have to take MY concerns ONLY into heart today, as well as every day.”



    so you’re encouraging negative yelp reviews on the dr. because he disagrees with your position? that’s cowardly….


    Karen Lynn Allen

    It’s no surprise drivers’ concerns are predominantly considered in any and all redesign of San Francisco streets. After all, being able to drive quickly and park cheaply (or freely!) is a fundamental right, whereas walking and biking safely is just a frivolous luxury a few crazy activists demand. Drivers have legitimate concerns that their trip might take a few minutes longer or that their favorite parking spot might disappear, whereas pedestrians and bicyclists only have to worry about being injured, maimed or killed. It’s no wonder Mayor Lee is so courageous on this issue.



    And he’s going to run for reelection unopposed… Help us all. Not a day goes by when I’m almost run over in a crosswalk by a car turning illegally, stopping well into the crosswalk, or on their phone not paying attention to anyone else around them.

    On the brighter side, I saw a motorcycle copy hiding at Gough and Linden waiting for illegal right turns from Hayes to Gough and ticketing cars. If that only happened more.


    Thomas Rogers

    Not surprised that the Mayor isn’t consistently delivering actual results, but I am surprised that a politician can’t even get the “empty promises” part right!



    This idiot is going to get re-elected because no one has the guts to take on him and his stupid nonsense. You get what you deserve, SF!


    The Overhead Wire

    So he’s going to defer to MTA, but the Eye doctor has more influence? This gets more and more confusing all the time.



    California has no law against riding a bicycle in a crosswalk. As usual with bicycles, the CHP is clueless about the law.



    Seems pretty clear at this point that “Vision Zero” is nothing but a bunch of nonsense feel-goodery. Too bad, I’d like to be able to leave my house without having my life threatened multiple times.

    Perhaps it’s time to pack my bags and move across the Atlantic where cities tend to be more modern.



    Lee is trying to pull a De Blasio and promote bulbouts and better painted crosswalks as the “Vision Zero” safety solution while utterly ignoring cycling. This puts advocates in a tough position because they have to support the pedestrian safety improvements that are happening, even if the program viewed in its totality is promoting the modal status quo.

    Fortunately it looks like the inertia (and existing mode share) for cycling in San Francisco will keep Lee and his dentist from succeeding other than truncating a few projects.



    “making cyclists take a couple mile detour that includes a 3 mile climb, the last half mile of which is quite steep.”

    “And there is a very straightforward flat detour – I-280.”


    Aaron Bialick

    Woops, don’t know how that got left out. Added it in.


    RD Frazier

    Completely agree with you gneiss. Unfortunately this seems to be very common, not just in SF but most of the country. All a driver has to say is “I didn’t see them” and they walk. In circumstances such as this one I think the driver should be cited/charged with some sort of negligence but they usually are not.


    RD Frazier

    Is there supposed to be a link for the Concord sidewalk and bike lane story?





    Why are we talking about autonomous cars?
    The Rapid bus lane is a great solution to the private SOV auto. It’s too bad that so many commuters in the So. Bay are so shortsighted and environmentally hostile.



    And the driver was not even cited. Cops will give tickets for speeding, but not somebody *killing* a pedestrian *in* a crosswalk. Unbelievably disgusting at how biased SFPD is against anybody who isn’t driving. Sickening in fact.



    SFGate is reporting that Alfred Yee, the 87-year old man who was walking across Geary at 26th has died.



    We love our bikes so much we take them for walks!


    Marven Norman

    There argument fails the logic test. Self-driving cars will almost certainly mean that the current streets are vastly overbuilt because they’ll be able to operate more efficiently in the space and not need as many lanes.


    Marven Norman

    BRT is meant to basically be the poor [transit] man’s LRT and most LRT systems don’t have stations much closer than a mile, hence the same spacing with BRT. So far in San Bernardino, ridership isn’t exactly Orange Line levels, but it has exceeded estimates. However, part of the reason for that is the lack of connections. The project was originally planned to open concurrently with a new Transit Center, but then that project got delayed to coordinate with two other projects, so they had to finish and open the BRT ahead of it to avoid losing the grant monies. Fortunately, that situation is on track to end in a few more months.


    Christopher Childs

    If you actually want to use the 23rd Ave route, it seems easier to me to turn onto Cabrillo (newly repaved and striped through this section) and climb 22nd Ave instead. That way you get a traffic light to help you cross, which is a nice bonus given how intimidating the traffic on Fulton can be. You will have to hit the crosswalk button, though.

    I usually just enter the park at 25th Ave, but that might be a poor risk assessment on my part. I wish the sand and debris would be removed regularly from the Crossover Drive shoulder, and really wish it and Transverse would be repaved.





    David Marcus

    As a resident of 8th Ave, this is the most awesome news I’ve heard in awhile! Please go big, SFMTA and Supe Mar.