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    Karen Lynn Allen

    So it sounds like they are turning it into a Haight festival rather than a park event? Not that I object.


    Karen Lynn Allen

    All these things are paid for through property taxes and other city taxes. Not gas taxes, which don’t even cover the cost of keeping highways and freeways in repair. (That ends up being paid for with federal debt that future generations are expected to pay off.) Not vehicle registration taxes. Remember the street repair bonds we passed a little while back? All those who don’t own cars shoulder that burden just as much as those who do. Bicyclists pay for city streets just as much as car drivers and use less of them because bicycles take up so much less space. And people who drive into San Francisco from the suburbs don’t pay for our streets at all as the small amount of sales tax we might get from them doesn’t cover the damage/pollution/congestion they inflict.

    Twelve bicycles can park in the space of one parked car. As a bicyclist I would be delighted–delighted!–to pay a dollar per hour to park my bike if cars had to pay $12 an hour. Delighted! (All bicyclists should embrace this with fervor.)


    Jamison Wieser

    @jamiewhitaker:disqus what are your thoughts on the 11-Downtown Connector? How much do you think it will help SOMA vs. missing the point about where people need to go to?



    “and Haight Street between Masonic Avenue and Stanyan.”



    sebra leaves

    When will cyclists start paying for bike lanes, street parking, and all the other special perks the taxpayers are paying for? If the streets are not free to cars they should not be free to bikes either.



    If they were concerned about fair and equitable treatment, they should be lobbying for unenforced double-parking for everyone, all the time, not just their parishioners during services.


    Jamison Wieser

    Do you mean the Sister’s Easter Party in Hellman Hollow?


    Karen Lynn Allen

    Thanks, I did miss that little stretch of Bernice Rogers Way when I was scoping out the route on Google Maps. Bizarrely, Google Maps says there is a Gold Mountain KungFu School at the corner of Bernice Rogers Way and JFK. Must be hidden in the shrubbery.



    From what I can find, the event will be on Saturday, so the fencing may be removed by Sunday


    Aaron Bialick

    Ah, that’s right, hadn’t thought of that! That’s good news.

    Indeed, I once watched a driver get out and move the barricade on the east end of JFK to drive in. I went in front of his car and explained that it was closed. He then said he understood but wanted to turn around to exit, so I moved to let him. He lied, and proceeded to drive through JFK anyway.



    “The one way loop you recommend does not make sense. JFK Drive and MLK Drive do not intersect. So you would have people drive along MLK Drive to the Great Highway”

    Bernice Rogers Way.

    “Visitors might still want to visit DeYoung or the Academy on days of the
    HSBG and Outside Lands events. So parking should be available in the

    Surprisingly that parking would be occupied by patrons of the events…



    It’s hard to not have mixed feelings about lane removal for cycle tracks in Temescal. They would be great for cycling and good for traffic calming, but not so good for buses. Fascinating how only a couple years ago we were discussing dedicated bus lanes to improve speeds and reliability, and now we’re discussing lane removal to slow buses down more. Keeping all that damn parking makes it feel like choosing between children.



    Thanks for all the info. I knew some but not all the free visiting hours you listed. The DeYoung and Academy get a large portion of revenues from out of town visitors, not residents. Visitors cannot always take advantage of the free hours or free limited days per month and pay full prices for admission.

    The one way loop you recommend does not make sense. JFK Drive and MLK Drive do not intersect. So you would have people drive along MLK Drive to the Great Highway, then north to the Beach Chalet then on JFK Drive back to 8th and Fulton. This loop would be about 80 blocks long and highly inefficient.

    Many people have walking impairments and cannot take Muni to the park. They rely on cars to take them from one place to another.

    DeYoung and Academy staff park close to where they work. After installing meters where would the staff park? Would they get a discount?

    On JFK Drive from Stanyan to Transverse Drive cars park in the middle of the street. How would you install parking meters on this section of JFK Drive?

    RPPs are usually in effect from Mon-Fri. Since the HSBG and Outside Lands events are also during the weekend, RPPs in the outer Richmond and outer Sunset would not help on Sat. and Sun. only for two events a year.

    Visitors might still want to visit DeYoung or the Academy on days of the HSBG and Outside Lands events. So parking should be available in the park.


    Bruce Halperin

    Will there be a northbound bike lane from Grove to McAllister?



    Additionally, I was in the area this morning. There is a easter sunday festival setup that takes up 3/4th of Sharon Meadows, but hippie hill itself is still going to be a free for all. It will significantly reduce the amount of smokers in the park unless they tear down the fence line that is setup.



    Interesting observation. It’s worth noting that some of those designs you describe have multiple locations now: bike signals (nearly a dozen now), soft hit bikeways (also almost a dozen with more to come), super sharrows (there’s also Market St with more to come). Same thing happened with the use of green, bike boxes and there are more left turn box designs coming. I think it’s smart to get a well-designed precedent for a particular measure in, then use the experience from that as a springboard for more of the same, especially if it’s a design new or unusual to the city. With road diets, Valencia was that precedent and now the city has done more than 50 or 60 of them.



    Im very interested in those succulent. Are they used elsewhere? I hope theyre not trampled on.



    If Ed Lee really gets behind this and it dies – perhaps it’s punishing Ed Lee’s re-election campaign… which from the tenor of this whole mess, is the most important issue on the table.



    Yeah, I’m disheartened, and fear that punishing SFMTA by voting down funding measures will probably just lead to layoffs among the younger staff who actually get it, doing nothing to change the establishment (full disclosure: I have friends in the agency – they are fully on board with walking, biking, and transit).



    gb52, how do you expect delivery trucks to make their deliveries to all the businesses along Powell Street by banning cars?



    Does anyone know if there are any plans to put in protected bike lanes on Townsend? I tried to search through the various plans, but Townsend seems to be the edge of every plan and thus not addressed. There are a lot of pedestrians, bikes, shuttles, cars, corporate shuttles and busses there all intersecting and blocking each other.


    Upright Biker

    Re: Marina Path Parking: The solution to this is so simple, that it’s even an issue boggles the mind. Make a curb cut, add parking. Remove parking from path, add bikes and peds.



    Meeting out of town relatives in the city at an art museum on Sunday. So glad that we’re going somewhere near BART and I don’t need to think about parking in the city on Sunday.


    Thomas Rogers

    The “Mixed-Use Caltrain-Oriented Development in Menlo Park Moving Ahead” link should be “Mixed-Use Caltrain-Oriented Development in SAN MATEO Moving Ahead”, FYI



    San Francisco Bike Coalition endorsed Ed Lee based on an uncontrolled member poll taken early in the 2011 Mayoral campaign. Despite growing evidence this was unwise, SFBike stuck with these questionable poll results, rather than endorsing a candidate with a stronger bike/pedestrian position. Please, guys: do better next time.



    Since 4/20 is on Sunday this year, there should not be any cars along JFK. Although in my experience, those portable barricades do not stop people from driving through. (Some people go through the opening for buses.)



    The quote for the L train vs driver backing up is a misquote. the source, Superbeefy on reddit has admitted to assuming that the car backed into the train and said he did NOT witness the accident.






    If we’d just extended the T-3rd Light Rail up the center of 4th st, repaved and closed 4th to cars, what would the benefits be? Savings of hundreds of millions of dollars, a 2-way completely safe bikeway between mission bay and Market St/BART, and less pressure to reconfigure 2nd and 5th Sts. The downsides? Well, you could still access I-80 W from Harrison, and I-80 East from 5th and Bryant, so basically no downsides.



    Let’s start by ticketing all those park illegally near churches on Sunday mornings – especially all those who park in one lane of the road on Dolores.


    Raju Kumar Sinha

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    While I agree with the need for more protected bike lanes (and bike lanes in general), this is hugely important as well. Market has a bike lane, Polk has a bike lane (kind of) and there was no good way to connect to them in the northbound direction.

    Sure, it is near City Hall, but really this is a very important connector that didn’t exist before. Coming from the South and getting on Polk was nearly impossible in the past.



    As noted with the construction of Central Subway, if a road is taken out of the street grid, the world doesn’t end! If we made 4th street a transit / ped / bike corridor, we could have seen improvements at a fraction of the cost and a lot sooner! We need to realize that not every street needs to have cars! (Just think of Powell by Union Square and how that would feel if there were no cars!)


    Jacob Lynn

    Never thought about that! I guess we have to wait until the next time we’re redoing the stormwater system for sidewalk level cycle paths.



    Sorry I misread your comment.



    The VLF, as I understand it, actually requires a 2/3′s vote of the Board of Supervisors to place it on the ballot, and then a majority vote on the ballot.



    Oh I forgot more thing, these protected bike lanes in downtown if they’re ever built???? They MUST be interconnected, very important!!



    Conventional unprotected expository bike lanes is soooooo last century, this street and other downtown streets need modern 21st century protected bike lanes. There’s just no other way to cut it!! As I said, many of the one way streets in SOMA i.e. Folsom, Howard etc that contains at times fast moving traffic that feels like a freeway, some of these streets are the best streets to install PARKING protected bike lanes that would not only make it safer for people to bike on but it also insulates the cyclist and pedestrian from that hostile traffic and would attract anyone and everyone to bike, getting that diversity of riders that were aiming for!!



    Regarding that ped bulb out by civic center plaza.. It’s useful, but could be so much better. There is wayyyy too much paved area around civic center, and the streets need to go on a road diet. The lanes are HUGE, the streets are WIDE, and well, it should be a space for PEOPLE.



    So far it looks very promising :) An example of what should be done, building more modern 21st century protected cycling infrastructure in San Francisco and other cities as well!



    I also agree about the turn onto 11th. Would be nice if you could turn onto Westbound Market from 11th as well. When 2 bike routes intersect, it would be nice if you could *legally* connect one to the other. It’s not like there are a lot of good options around there.



    I completely agree. That merge from Polk onto 10th is a nightmare and there’s no instruction to anyone about what’s happening. It’s very frustrating when they spend a lot of money on these projects but don’t connect the dots. A little paint could go a long way.



    To do a raised cycletrack (at sidewalk level) means that the drainage at the curb would need to be moved out to the new curb edge- another $1m per block.


    Greg Costikyan

    Cool. Used to bike past here everyday when I lived in SF, and looking forward to seeing it when I’m there next month.


    Jacob Lynn

    Great news!

    On the other hand, if we’re going to do actual concrete work as in this case, I don’t understand why we don’t just put the bike lanes at sidewalk level like they do in civilized countries! The pictured Succulent Protected Bike Channel is suboptimal for adjacent pedestrians, especially those with strollers or wheelchairs.


    Nicholas Littlejohn

    We can do better than ten years in the future, I hope!


    Nicholas Littlejohn

    Surely, we could at least do something temporarily.


    Jym Dyer

    • It’s just paint.


    Peter M

    Does this delay account for the fact that the 30 and 45 are going to be permanently running on 5th between Harrison and Townsend?


    Dark Soul

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