Streetsblog SF to Receive the SFBC’s ‘Golden Wheel Award’


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has announced that Streetsblog San Francisco and SFBC volunteer Michael Helquist are the recipients of this year’s Golden Wheel Awards, which they will bestow during their annual gala in April. Last year’s winners were the organizers of San Francisco’s popular Sunday Streets events.

In the announcement, the SFBC said Streetsblog SF was receiving the award for "intelligent journalism that is leading the conversation and helping more
people understand the connection between bicycling, great streets and a
livable city."

We’re very proud and honored to be singled out by the SFBC for our hard
work over the past year and we couldn’t have done it without the counsel of their tireless staff. It also wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication of Deputy Editor Matthew Roth and Reporter Michael Rhodes, along with our many contributors. Thanks also to our principle funder, Jonathan Weiner, the Surdna Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund. And finally, thanks to you, our Streetsblog community, for advocating for a more livable Bay Area on the blog and in your neighborhoods.

Congratulations also to SFBC volunteer extraordinaire and BIKE NOPA publisher Michael Helquist, who is being recognized for his leadership at the SFBC to propel their "Good Roads Campaign to the next level by influencing City decision
makers to enhance bicycling in their work."

The honors will be presented at the SFBC’s 2010 Golden Wheel Awards in the War Memorial Building’s green room on April 27th from 6-9 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Yahoo

    Congratulations Streetsblog! You deserve this award. Keep up the great work

  • Congrats!

  • Nick

    Mike’s done some pretty diligent work. I’d like to see the Good Roads crew take their advocacy to the next level.

    Example: 20th Avenue (between Moraga and Noregia) is torn up royally. They just added sharrows but you can’t help feel it’s a do-nothing bike improvement. How about we get the downhill direction fully repaved (6 foot width)? And to increase safety, how about installing a dashed yellow line with reflectors in the middle of the road?

    A lot of these neighborhood bike routes would be much more dignified if this template were followed (path pave, yellow line, relfectors). Sharrows alone aren’t cutting it.

  • Nick

    Edit: I meant 20th Avenue between (Ortega and Noreiga).

  • First, Big Congrats to Streetsblog and all they do to make our lives more livable!

    @Nick: A general note: DPW has determined that partial block-long paving (one long strip) is almost as expensive as repaving a full block, so that’s not going to happen often — although the idea certainly has merit!

    A note on 20th Avenue and DPW’s work. The department has separate funds that it can use for “single block paving” within the department (not relying on contractors). This work is intended for more local streets not the thoroughfares that we all know need major paving or reconstruction the full length. The end of February we sent in suggestions for single block paving for 20th Avenue between Santiago and Taraval and Rivera and Santiago. Sounds like we need to take a look at the block you mentioned as well. DPW still has to ‘clear’ the block: checking to see that no utility construction work is imminent that the dept. would have to wait for, etc. And, of course, there are the tight budgets all around.

    The dashed yellow lines in addition to sharrows isn’t really within the scope of Good Roads but I hope you pursue the idea more with MTA.

  • ZA

    Nicely done!