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    Ziggy Tomcich

    The potential of hyperloop is enormous; it’s the only post-petroleum alternative to air travel that can completely transform our society. I don’t understand why we can’t have both HSR and hyperloop. We have both streets and highways! We should be building HSR and rebuilding our ancient rail network throughout Ca, while supporting R&D into hyperloop.



    But that would be true for high speed rail if it were built this way as well.

    I don’t think rail could go over the Grapevine.





    It’s also worth pointing out that Muni Metro’s 9:30 PM closure time ended right before the Super Bowl events began, meaning there’s an extra 3.5 hours or so per day for people to ride Muni Metro.


    Karen Lynn Allen

    If the Hyperloop was built just taking up a lane each way on I-5 with no stations between SF and LA, (no grading, no viaducts, no tunneling, no land acquisition) it might only cost double the $6 billion Musk is projecting. But that would be true for high speed rail if it were built this way as well. Moreover, the Hyperloop, with a tube of 28 passengers departing every two minutes in both directions could carry a maximum of 1680 passengers per hour. Whereas high speed rail’s max capacity is estimated to be 12,000 passengers per hour.

    One of the criticisms of California high speed rail is not that it’s too slow, but too fast, that it’s pushing the envelope of speed feasibility. Only one rail line in the world currently operates at an average speed as fast or faster than CA HSR projections, a TGV express line in France.

    Now, if hot air could power a rail line . . .



    Prospects of hyperloop and self-driving cars risk derailing credible transit via the Osborne effect. Even worse if the technologies are not feasible in the near term.


    Roger R.

    The Musk proposal is to only have a partial vacuum in the tube and use the turbine to draw air around the craft, with a linear induction motor propelling the train forward.


    Roger Rudick

    That’s one of Elon Musk’s proposed solutions–only partially evacuate it and use a battery powered turbine on the pod to move the air around.



    The image above looks more like a turbine-propelled Maglev train than anything in a vacuum tube. Being propelled by a turbine would preclude it from operating in a vacuum, would it not?



    After 6, the bridge approach from Folsom was moving, but buses couldn’t get there. One departing bus did exit on Beale, but the supervisors must have had some reason to rethink that, as it never happened again.


    Jeffrey Baker

    Yeah, but the cops were directing traffic down Beale to Folsom and then letting them go down Folsom to the bridge, which is normally bus-only territory.

    I’m not going to defend the design of the terminal. It’s crazy and has become gridlocked before. The buses should be allowed to exit at either Folsom or Beale.



    I got there at 5:30 for a 5:34 bus, the terminal was already at a standstill, my bus finally reached the (traffic free) bridge at 7. The cops may have started it, but AC Transit turned it into an event through a simple lack of planning. There was no centralized management and limited communication, the supervisors directing traffic had no idea how to avoid gridlock within and around the terminal. AC Transit central control had to broadcast on the bus radios to plead for a driver get a supervisor to call them, as they couldn’t reach any of them.

    Buses would get waved into the terminal by a supervisor, only to find that they couldn’t reach their slot, or if they could, there would already be a bus there trying to get out. By about 6 there was a solid loop of motionless buses from the terminal exit back around to the entrance, and in both directions within the terminal, preventing departing buses from leaving the terminal to reach the bridge approach which was by then clearing.



    soon enough pretty much all cars will have multiple cameras – probably 12 – for various driver assist functions – lane changes, braking, backing up, etc… Given that a car costs well into 5 figures at the least, putting however much SDRAM into the computer system won’t be a backbreaker, and they can just continuously record all 12 cameras and then trigger to stop x seconds after an incident.

    Should make drivers a little more cautious knowing the car is watching them!

    Then we’ll have a rash of cyclists pounding on cars in order to trigger the video capture to keep the recording!




    Bernard Finucane

    You could easily increase the number of lanes without widening the street.


    Jeffrey Baker

    The bus station meltdown last night was caused by the cops. They could have done something smart, but instead they directed cars up what are normally bus-only streets. Those cars should have just stood where they were, or been directed in a loop north of Market to 1st to get on the bridge. Much better to block a few dozen motorists than hundreds of bus riders.


    tommy t

    I do think that any driver who has ever road-raged should lose his license, even if he didn’t commit physical assault like throwing a full water bottle.



    Hello – Why was a private car on this block of Market? Did the police ticket the driver for illegally driving in a private-car-free zone? Did they find out why the a**hole passenger fled? On probation, perhaps? Was the driver tested for drugs/alcohol?
    Meanwhile, it’s heartening to see a courageous cyclist stand up to an a-hole driver. I wish she would have flattened both of them!



    Private vehicles are banned on this part of Market. Driver was there illegally.



    “More on BART and Muni Rideship Surge from Super Bowl Events”

    Do we have any idea how much of this is from people attending Super Bowl events vs people who normally drive or take buses who are taking alternate routes due to all the closures?



    Looks like Millbrae is moving backwards at a time when most Bay Area cities are moving forward.


    Charles Siegel

    There are many places where every single car violates the speed limit laws. If you drive at the speed limit on any freeway or on many city streets during non-congested hours, every car will pass you.


    City Resident

    The SFMTA invites and encourages public participation in many ways, including public meetings but also online surveys. Comments from the public can be submitted by email, etc. All SFMTA proposals are announced years in advance. Few, if any, public processes are more open.


    City Resident

    Thank you for covering these very negative planned lane additions. Millbrae has it backwards. Downtown Millbrae is a charming area, with many businesses all within just a few blocks of this BART/Caltrain station. Yet it’s a haven of free parking as there are no parking meters there. El Camino Real is already terrible for pedestrians to cross, especially at intersections without traffic lights. And bicycling along it is only for the brave. Downtown Millbrae and all of the retail and office areas along El Camino Real, north and south of Millbrae Avenue, would be ideal for bicycling and walking, were it not for the car-dominated streets. With roadway expansions now in the works, it will only become even more hostile to anyone not sheathed in a car’s glass and steel.


    David J.

    Fine work, Ms. Dilou.
    I feel fortunate in seldom encountering people that aggro, and have
    still wanted to chase down many a motorist for a wide range of bike
    disrespect. Motorists, can we please start with regularly using turn
    signals when it isn’t completely unequivocal where you’re going . . . ?


    Cáit ní Cheallaigh

    Seriously? Cars just drive right through. It’s gross.



    Just you try to be a cyclist SB on El Camino north of the station and figure out how to get to the station. Next to impossible


    Fay Nissenbaum

    Combining the Muicipal Railway with Dept of Parking & Traffic was a collosal mistake. It created the MTA which now is fed by parking money making the MTA an impregnable agency with a constant source of money. Half of the 7th floor at 1 S. Van Ness should be fired tomorrow. Instead of designing apps for iphones so gawd ferbid, riders dont have to carry one of those heavy clipper cards, they should be designing apps to keep the buses from bunching and getting the damnable buses cleaned. All public tranist should serve one question: “How can they improve the passenger experience?” *Muni sells more bicycles than anyone* The muniserable experience is why I got a used bike a year ago.


    City Resident

    I agree that this is very much a car-first kind-of-place and pedestrian, bicycle and transit use is just an afterthought, at best. However, having the ECR again make the lengthy detour over the bridge and into the station’s transit plaza is very inefficient for the majority of the ECR’s passengers. Having the ECR remain on El Camino Real for more of its trip was a smart redesign. (It’s bad enough that it has to leave El Camino Real to access both the San Bruno and Colma stations.)



    Hey… I’m a generous person.


    Jym Dyer

    @dat – I somehow completely missed @Jimbo’s class A troll material era.



    The technology is almost here. In some countries dashcams are common in cars. I asked a colleague why and he said that it helps to determine liability and settle insurance claims.

    Increasing numbers of bicyclists will have the same and at the very least they should help diminish survivor bias. Better would be to also establish criminal activity like harassment and assault.



    This is already a scary intersection to cross on foot, and currently you are forced to run across El Camino and down two blocks to catch the ECR (southbound) bus. At the very least, they need to bring the ECR bus back to the terminal with the other buses. The situation now is truly dangerous.


    Elias Zamaria

    Can something be done to change the City Council’s mind about the new lanes, or is this a done deal?



    What does that have to do with this article?



    That Millbrae station is constantly freezing — the lack of walls is the main reason I refuse to travel south of SF more than a couple times a year. What were the architects smoking?



    People like this is the reason I have a “sports action camera” mounted to my handlebars and record each and every bike ride.

    Unfortunately getting cops to take action on it has so far proven elusive, even when an uber intentionally side-swiped into my lane and only failed to hit me because I anticipated his move from his earlier behavior around me.



    I’ve had a truck follow me. Stopping or trying to get behind them is only option. Usually I carry a point and shoot and start taking pictures. And also call 911 and as soon as they answer I start repeating the license plate and color of the vehicle with the speaker on so the driver gets that the 911 operator knows Im saying the plate over and over. The driver usually tells his buddies to shut up and they leave. If they stay then they talk to the cop and I just show the photos



    As tech progresses body worn citizen cameras with data uplinks into private protection clouds will be like home alarm systems. Constantly recording.. push a button to mark the location in the vid for quick access. Call the cop and play back the video. Then won’t need to swear to 3foot or the rage as it will all be recorded.





    the city of Millbrae is run by people who are just there to help their pals or something, expecting any kind of “vision” etc is just asking for trouble. it’s sad and they wonder why it is people would rather go to Burlingame, San Mateo etc.



    Seriously dude. When did you give up? For a while your toll posts were class A material. Lately you just sound like you’re too drunk to try. You used to even spellcheck. Please, make just a modicum of effort.



    really dumb idea to put herself in danger by challenging the driver and passenger. shes looking they didnt beat the crap out of her. clearly the pair wer douche-nozzles, but hard to believe people would continue the fight. And seems somewhat dangerous for streetsblog to commend her in an article for doing so. this is going to get some idiot killed for “standing up”



    You know what you never hear?

    Motorist hit, dragged by alleged drunk cyclist



    AGREE. It’s really not about cars or bikes. It doesn’t matter what mode you’re using. People need to respect other people, follow the rules, and stop rushing around making bad decisions. SLOW DOWNNN.

    I was on a MUNI bus today and a disgruntled and disheveled man was sitting at the front of the bus cursing at everyone getting on. I felt so bad for the grandmother than just brought a stroller on board with a baby inside. She politely asked him to watch his feet and did nothing wrong, but the guy started cursing at them… SAD =[

    It’s hard to have a productive conversation with some of people out on our streets today. Let’s try to be nicer to one another and get along. Or maybe we all need to go back to school to learn how to be nice and share.



    You suffer from confirmation bias. I stop at stop signs all the time. And ironically, it makes the drivers behind me even MORE angry because it takes me longer to keep back up to speed since I can’t just stomp on a gas pedal.

    The only time I’ve run a red light is on a stale left turn signal where it won’t change for me. Running through a stop sign going straight? Never. You know now many times I’ve seen drivers run through a red light 5 seconds after it has turned red? At 50+ mph?

    You want cyclists to follow the rules “like cars have to” except rarely do. Brilliant.



    It’s a special event service, so many of the equity rules that transit agencies usually have to adhere to no longer apply. Hence the $20 fare.



    If this premise holds true, then we need to limit the amount of time people spend in the use of dangerous objects as best we can. cars, guns, nukes, whatever.



    “Uhm, maybe that’s because bikes don’t weigh 1,500 or 2,000 pounds.”

    You understand this, but your conclusion is still that we need to deal with the scofflaw cyclists – not with the 1500 to 2000 pound vehicles that humans are proving incapable of handling properly. America!



    How many cyclists do you see “driving dangerously close with the passenger yelling out the window “run her over” and “get the fuck out of the way!”