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    Darksoul SF

    Chief Suhr says “Stop signs are pretty simple. They say ‘stop,’” … “They don’t say ‘yield,’ they don’t say ‘slow down.’”



    I don’t read Darksoul’s comments.



    Now, why could it be that you’re commenting on murphstahoe’s grammar and ignoring Darksoul’s….. let me think….



    Should be “Every woman who rides HER bike..” or “All women who ride their bikes…”



    I biked over a thumb tack on the separated bike path on cargo way. I have a hard time understand who there is that hates bikes there, given that the bike path is separated from traffic via a fence, and also it is in the middle of an industrial district with very light traffic other than trucks. But actually the worst part is that I was biking with my daughter on my bike and it was 95 degrees outside.



    “We’re opposed to [the Bike Yield Law] because it’s insane,” Mannix told the Examiner. “Any more chaos on our streets is not a good idea.”

    Makes me think she doesn’t understand the Bike Yield Law and has not been on a bike in a very long time. She may not agree with it, but it’s hardly “insane”. She also mentions that only 1% of tickets go to cyclists, but doesn’t seem to realize that this isn’t about ticketing cyclists less, it’s about focusing on the behaviors that actually endanger people. Safely yielding does not endanger people. If it does, you’re doing it wrong and you should be ticketed.


    Alexander Vucelic


    bike commuters are about 10% of roadway traffic in SF today and growing by double digit rates.

    A 6′ bike lane has a capacity if more than 1,000 cyclists per, hour at a LOS of A or B. A 12′ car lane is gridlocked at 500 cars per hour. Is not Even close.



    1. Wow, Nevius wrote a postie/supportive story on cycling. Good to see.

    2. Interesting take on Leap’s failure:
    (more of a start-up article than transit article). I do wonder how the service would’ve fared if they got permits. Chariot seems to be doing well?

    3. In the SF Exam article on the bike yield law, Cmdr Mannix cities the her tired stat that 97% of tickets go towards cars, 2% go to peds and 1% go to cyclists. This is a useless stat is it just mirrors relative size of transit modes (excluding transit). What is more interesting would be a stat around tickets per mile of travel by mode. Are cyclists more likely, the same or less likely to get a ticket? Side note, I saw a cop car take a right in the FiDi today and cut off peds who had the right of way in the cross walk (and the cop went after waiting for the light to turn, slowly in no rush…. really!? He couldn’t wait for the peds to clear the cross-walk? So lame, but is typical of the windshield perspective). More cops need to walk to beat, IMO…



    regardless of the situation, cars, buses, pedestrians, bicyclists are always the most important. very funny alicia



    hes like in a fairy world. the vast majority of people iN SF own cars and 40% have 2 cars. there is a lot of commuting happening. bike lanes barely make a dent. what we need are transit improvements. we may hit 5% of commuters being cyclists by 2018. and 7% by 2025 even with new infrastructire.



    Every woman who rides their bike to Caltrain should show up and ask Jane Kim if she is elected to State Senate, will she be sending some of that sweet sweet government lucre to fix Townsend Street.



    hahahahhahahha. fairy dust land



    My sense is you’re not familiar with SF, or it’s population.

    I guess we should evacuate the population who can’t meet your fantasy of “efficiency”? Oh, and not for nothing, but a lot of people using bike lanes also own cars for grocery shopping, and other tasks. They have to.



    Here’s another one.

    In 2011 – maybe earlier, Skyline Blvd over the Crystal Springs Dam was closed to repair the dam. Was supposed to be a 2 year project. Easy alternate route – take 280! Unless you’re a cyclist, in which case you descent Crystal Springs Road and then have a 2 mile climb up Polhemous Road – I’m pretty fit and it added 10 minutes to my commute by going flat out up the hill. For others the detour is longer or perhaps prohibitive compared to the original, flatter route.

    Solution? Allow cyclists to use that short stretch of 280. There are two other stretches of 280 just north of there that are bike legal due to the lack of an alternate route. But nope, can’t do it.

    The dam repair is done but the bridge across it appears to be indefinitely delayed. Perhaps because there is an easy alternate route on 280 – if you are in a car!

    A few intrepid souls met with Caltrans yesterday to discuss opening bike access (many cyclists have been illegally riding 280 anyway). There are a few infrastructure issues Caltrans would require to make it to bike standards – increasing the height of the safety rail, replacing grates with bike compliant ones, etc… Caltrans seems amenable but it would need to be funded, and San Mateo County has balked at this in the past. Basically they won’t fund re-opening the original route, nor fund an alternative needed because they won’t fix the bridge. Basically giving cyclists the finger.



    The San Mateo TA has consistently claimed that the money raised from their funding source can only be used for highway expansion. It would be quiet instructive to know what laws they are actually citing for this position and whether or not they can be changed through a referendum.



    Many drivers claim they too are victims of trauma when they kill a pedestrian or cyclists. By that logic, anything that prevents that trauma could be considered a automobile safety upgrade.


    Alexander Vucelic

    bike lanes can carry 3-10 times the traffic versus private motorist lanes.

    bikes simply are more efficent than cars at moving people in a place like SF

    If one wants to seriously reduce traffic congestion in SF, then widespread conversion of car lanes to bike lanes is necessary.

    Bikes take up 8 sqft to park. Cars Parking Garages about 400 sqft per car. In SF, car parking is insanely expensive and inefficient use of scarce urban land.

    Cars are great in rural areas, but in SF not so much.


    City Resident

    Thank you for pointing out how our tax dollars are exasperating transportation problems (and indirectly worsening climate change) rather than contributing to infrastructure improvements that promote more environmentally sustainable and less gridlocked transportation.


    Martin Atkins

    The asphalt around the tracks can be lumpy and inconsistent due to the difficulty of maintaining it while not infringing on the trackway. I had a fall a while ago from getting my wheels caught in a hole next to the tracks, rather than the tracks themselves. (This was on one of the spots where the tracks turn off to a side street; I was caught off guard by it when another cyclist passed me closely and caused me to veer at a strange angle over the tracks.)

    The extra slickness of the rails on a damp/foggy day doesn’t help either, I expect.



    I am guessing you do not ride down in that area much at all.

    On Market street there are buses in both lanes of travel. In the center lane you have the F, 6, and 7 and the others, such as the 5, 21, 38, etc travel in the curb lane.

    So it is totally possible. Say there is a 5 following a 21 in the right lane. He is between the buses. He decides to pass. Gets tire caught in track and falls under rear tire of bus. There you go.

    I guess you dont really know that because you either dont take muni or dont ride down there. I wouldnt blame you. Although I am not the most frequent rider in the city I am also not enough of an idiot to ride on Market street. Or even drive a car on Market. I think most San Franciscans avoid Market like the plague as it is filled with tourists in cars who have no idea where they are going.

    Recipe for disaster.



    Some sidewalks are dual use, but not very many. The Embarcadero is the main sidewalk where bicycles and pedestrians are both allowed. I wish it weren’t so though, it confuses people too much.



    The obvious interpretation is that the bus driver got off the bus, fell down after the streetcar tracks attacked him/her, and then the driver shot the cyclist.



    Re “Cyclist Mark Heryer Killed by Bus Driver After Fall Caused by Streetcar Tracks “Oh really? Did the bus driver get out of her bus and shoot Mark Heryer after he collided with her bus? How about “Cyclist Killed Falling in Front of Bus”.



    Thanks, though I’ve read conflicting info (some bike advocates claim the opposite for SF). Both understanding and enforcement of laws needs work. I’m also not sure what I may have originally said that you were responding to.



    Ha! Whoops, you are correct. I meant pass right turning buses on the left :) I edited my post above to be correct.



    Bicyclists (over 13) do NOT have the right to ride on sidewalks in SF actually — though this varies by county/State.

    Here are the specifics:



    I think you mean that the SFMTA site directs cyclists to pass stopped and turning buses on the left. Passing a turning bus on the right is a surefire recipe to get hit.



    Yes, it reads like the bus driver was at fault. But none of the four accounts I have read of this incident indicate that. A couple of them stated “killed by bus” which seems fairer on the driver.

    But at least this headline clearly states that it was “caused by streetcar tracks”. I am not aware of any other cause here, either in-fact or proximate.



    Yeah, totally agree about the fact the cyclist couldn’t have been between two buses. I think that was mis-reported or SFPD mis-spoke in the immediate aftermath. I think he might have just caught a wheel in the muni tracks and fell under the bus to his right; I don’t think a second bus was involved… but that is just my own speculation given the street configuration.

    Also, hard to say for sure, but in the pics the mountain bike he was riding had “big” tires, say 26×1.9 at least? I don’t ride a MTB in SF, but thought that their tires would be too wide to get caught in the Muni tracks?

    Do you know if the bus that ran over the cyclist had a S1 guard to prevent people from getting caught under the wheel? It didn’t look like the bus had the guards, but the pics I saw were inconclusive.

    As for the second accident, I wonder of the truck & horse trailer were coming from Sansome and turning onto the Embarcadero while the cyclist was going straight (NB) on Embarcadero. If that is the case, it is possible that the trailer swung slight wider than the pick-up truck and struck the cyclist in the bike lane? Alternately, there is a parking garage between Piers 29 & 31, so maybe the truck/trailer gave the cyclist a right hook? Though that seems less likely.



    Wow, the Examiner article was well written and truly looked at the dangers of market street.

    Also, interesting that the Examiner article pointed out that the SFMTA site directs cyclists to pass stopped & turning buses on the right: If indeed this is what the cyclist was doing, he was just following the rules of the road as per the SFMTA.

    Still, no word/comment on the S1 guard… did the bus have one? If not should the bus have had one?


    Morgan Fitzgibbons

    If he fell in the streetcar tracks, how could he have possibly been “between two buses?” It defies basic logic and physics.

    Also, I love how they are saying now that the other collision on that day occurred when the female cyclist “pulled behind and hit a horse trailer.” How someone could “pull behind and hit a horse trailer” at such velocity as to cause major head trauma even while wearing a helmet is a question you would hope someone somewhere in the bastion of “journalists” that exist in this city would ask.

    Lesson to be learned: the SFPD will at every turn provide deliberate misinformation to make cyclists the faulty party wherever possible.



    “Cyclist Mark Heryer Killed by Bus Driver After Fall Caused by Streetcar Tracks”

    I’ll make my statement that I don’t like this framing of the incident.



    Nowhere in US law does it say that Streetsblog has to provide a platform for you to spread your nonsense.


    Darksoul SF

    You got a problem seeing people saying what they say.. You should goto United States Lawmakers and ask them for a bill that people voices can be restricted.


    Darksoul SF

    I guess automatically agreeing how Bikers Behave. Thanks .



    And if these plans go anything like the Van Ness BRT then we should see this in…2027?


    Darksoul SF

    I will go back to my original on-topic comment “Biker has experience, so he was excepted to know the rules and make safe decisions. I think many bikers should know not ride between traffic.”
    This is about Biker Accident at Haight and Steiner.


    Darksoul SF

    You can claim bullying or whatever u wish… All Comments / Opinions are allowed as long rules being followed..

    The bikers never get blamed.

    Idhalo Stop i am sure is safe.


    Ziggy Tomcich

    Can we just delete this a$$hole? Delete him, block him, and get him out of this discussion. He’s not discussing anything or making any useful comments at all. He’s just a bully who enjoys upsetting other people.



    Sorry.. DarkSoul must’ve been busy and missed replying to you. I am sure DS intended to say “[Driver] has experience, so he was excepted to know the rules and make safe decisions. I think many [Drivers] should know not [to cross train tracks] between traffic.” Ha ha ha.



    DarkSoul – Your lack of reading comprehension amazes me.

    1. This has nothing to do with opinions. I commented on how media reports don’t match the street configuration seeking clarification on the mis-match. You replied with an irrelevant comment about the cyclists experience. How is that related to the lane configuration vs media reports of getting squashed between two buses? It isn’t, it was just “mindless drivel.” If want an example of a relevant comment, see mx’s reply. And note that he doesn’t share my opinion either, yet I still respect what he wrote/thinks.

    2. Even if he was experienced, we know nothing of his trip or reason for changing lanes. Was he getting ready to go left towards 555 Market? Was there broken glass in the right lane? Was there a delivery truck blocking the lane? Did the cyclist know the area? Was he forced over by a car changing lanes and not seeing him? Was he in the Muni tracks lane for 10 feet or multiple blocks? There are a whole litany of reasons why he chose to ride in the lane with the Muni tracks, some legitimate, some maybe impatience. But all you want to do is rush to blame him without know the fully story. You are an idiot and a 9 yr old girl won’t see her father again.

    2a. You really expect everyone to know the routes and bus types?! I ride on Market St about 2-3x a month, but had no idea on the 10 & 12 using the 40′ bus. No one should be required to know that to traverse our city safely; especially a city with so much tourism. This is why people ignore your useless comments.

    3. Since you are so quick to point out other’s flaws and mistakes, how come you haven’t cited the level of experience for the 6 drivers who have got stuck on the Caltrain tracks in the last 2 months?



    Yeah, mx you might be right. The media reports are inconsistent about the crash details. SFGate said “A bicyclist on a silver mountain bike was caught between two Muni buses and was then fatally struck and wedged beneath a westbound articulated Muni bus on Market Street west of Battery Street, police said.” But that was SFGates initial article and I haven’t seen that comment in other media reports, so maybe there was only one bus involved? That would be more consistent with the street configuration.

    As for the dedicated bike lane, true it isn’t a silver bullet, but it would be much better. It will need to be protected to keep taxis and delivery trucks out, but as you pointed out there will always be right turn lanes. Still, riding SB on Embarcadero (where there are right turn lanes) is much calmer/safer than riding on Market St. Not quite apples to apples, but it shows what is possible.


    Paul Green

    It’s an absolutely scandalous headline. What did Muni do to create this type of hatred?


    Darksoul SF

    Or just another person trying to say Idhalo Stop should be implemented in San Francisco…

    You Just like,
    roymeo and others harass the members who goes against Idhalo Stop Law.



    Spell it whichever way you want, no one here takes you seriously and you’re only good for a laugh.


    Darksoul SF

    Say whatever you want , The Biker did do a “Safe” Idhalo Stop.


    Darksoul SF

    more like saying other people opinion are irreverent.

    Bob Gunderson probably will agree with your comments



    It’s not clear to me that he was caught between two buses from the side. Based on the media reports I’ve seen, he could have been in the center lane (with the tracks), fell on the tracks/grate/bad pavement/random loss of balance/some combination of the above, and then pinned between two buses that were both going westbound in the center lane. In other words, there could have been a bus in front of him and a bus behind him. Eventually, maybe, sort of, someday, there’ll be a real report.

    I very much agree this part of Market is hard to ride, but I’m not sure a dedicated bike lane is quite the dream you think. You still have the right turn pocket to Sutter, which is helpful to keep turning cars and buses from blocking cyclists going straight on Market, but it also seems to lead to a lot of weaving and unusual movements. Just slapping some green thermoplastic on the street isn’t going to solve most of the issues here. A real redesign also needs to deal with the frequent illegal left turns made by motorists from Market onto Sutter/Sansome (and the legal for Muni, yet insane, left turns made by the 10 and 12 from Market onto Sansome). Similarly, cyclists often want to turn from Sansome onto Market, which usually involves an illegal turn through several busy crosswalks. The whole Market/Sansome/Sutter intersection is one of the worst downtown in my experience.



    Bus drivers need more training.



    More mindless drivel from DS. Too bad DS doesn’t have the reading comprehension skills to understand that I was commenting on the conflicting media reports, because DS replied with a non sequitur about the cyclist’s experience. Another day, another useless comment from DarkSoul.