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    Jeffrey Baker

    This article doesn’t look very critically at BART’s claims to transit-oriented development. Of the mentioned opportunities, BART has built almost none in the last 15 years. The MacArthur Station transit village is planned to be 675 homes, and has been in planning for ten years. The only thing that’s actually been built in those 10 years is the 112 below-market-rate units, which started in 2013 and were completed in 2015. Literally not even a single shovelful of soil has been turned over toward the building of the other 563 units. It will probably be 2025 before they are done. I’m not exaggerating: 2025 is actually the planned completion date. That’s about 35 units per year, a rate that one person could build single-handedly with ordinary tools and a pickup truck.

    I don’t really want to call out BART’s directors personally, but what the fuck is wrong with them? Why can’t they get these projects built just a teensy bit faster? When I moved to the Bay Area in the 90s I was really optimistic about all the planned improvements, but it seems that it takes literally a lifetime to build even a handful of stick-built shoeboxes. This agency and the members of its board should be publicly excoriated for these squandered opportunities, and then, of course, be defeated in elections.



    OMG. “The long-debated San Carlos Transit Village, now under construction, will bring 202 apartments to the former San Carlos Caltrain Station parking lot along with 26,000 square feet of commercial space. The project was scaled down in multiple iterations from a proposed 453 apartments.”. Quick, somebody alert Hanlon & Trauss… here is another chance to file a lawsuit, grandstand, and generate AstroTurf publicity. Someone had the gall to downsize a housing project.



    Wait, why are you diving into specifics? How about just accept that its “a funkton”?



    Probably your friend should work to get things changed or shut up.



    If the issue is law-breaking, why are you casting stones?


    StrixNoctis .

    “Not like the cars slow down and let you in because they see your lane is
    obstructed. We are not quite at peak selfishness, but we are well on
    the way.”

    I disagree. Out of the way too many evenings I had to wait behind motor vehicles that were blocking the bike lane on Valencia Street, only ONCE did a motorists kindly allow me to merge left into the lane to pass. All of the other MANY times I was stuck behind bike lane blockers, the motorists didn’t give me a chance. Many of them squeeze almost bumper-to-bumper so I can’t merge. I often end up having to take the risk of squeezing through narrow spaces to lane split, and risk scratching vehicles. When the traffic is moving fast but not leaving openings for me to merge, I end up having to dismount my bicycle and walk it on the sidewalk, which sometimes leads to dealing with the other problem of selfish, Valencia Street pedestrians who loiter outside of businesses and block the sidewalks (on some nights) and refuse to allow others to pass.

    The ill-mannered, selfish crowd that frequents the Valencia Street business establishments these days is why I don’t like to visit the businesses on Valencia Street anymore after decades of frequenting some shops & cafes on that street.

    I’d avoid Valencia Street entirely if I knew of another flat-land route I could take to commute between my house on Bernal Hill to/from Market Street.



    Not stopping where prohibited in the road is probably the most basic driving or cycling skill there is. If you cannot do that safely then I question whether you should be on the roads at all.









    I’m not a cyclist. When I was, I would always stop and wait my turn at intersections.

    But that’s beside the point… Don’t be one of those assholes that block traffic, and don’t think that pointing out other assholes on the road justifies your behavior. That’s flawed, childish non-logic.



    I’ll happily share a recent-ish experience. As I was biking along, as usual I am scanning ahead to see potential obstructions. Once I notice one, I start planning how I will leave the bike lane and merge safely into traffic. The when varies based on the street, the typical traffic level and the number of cars.

    This street in question is a two lane street where cars tend to go a bit too fast, but the street design changes, it gets more crowded and cars slow down. On this 3/4 mile stretch, the speed limit is 25, but at the beginning many cars go 30. By the end they slow down due to traffic lights, school zones and more things to be aware of. The bike lane ends in the area where traffic slows. It is downhill and the street is mostly residential with gradual curves.

    Anyway there was a moving van or other huge vehicle blocking the lane. I see it, and I want to leave myself with plenty of time, so I start to signal and keep glancing rearward to leave the lane, as it is approaching the place where it becomes sharrows. I planned to just stay in the lane the whole way. Many cars zoom by and ignore my obvious body language. As I am running out of room a car takes pity on me and notices it is congested just past me, so she just slows down earlier to let me in. As I am merging into the lane, I see/hear a car progressing speedily a ways back near one of the curves. The next thing I know is they try to make a quick move into the next lane and end up causing a collision. No one was hurt but there was significant car damage.

    Obviously I couldn’t go and check out the outcome and I continued on my way, but it was clearly an accident caused by an impatient driver.

    Which leads me to my point, on a bicycle, when your lane is obstructed, you don’t have much time to move over, particularly when the road is busy. It is actually worse if you need to come to a full stop and start again, because on a road with even 20mph traffic, you will be traveling much much slower if you are starting from a stop. If there are multiple obstructions, you risk merging into dangerous traffic several times. And if you are going “bike speed” you are at risk of an impatient person driving dangerously to pass you while you take the lane. The drivers selfish quest for convenience can lead to you getting seriously injured.



    > Every time you encounter an illegal or inconvenient
    > act on the roads you should welcome it as an
    > opportunity to practice your acceptance of an
    > imperfect world.
    I do. Absolutely no stress issues or conflict out on the road. Doesn’t stop me from expecting or aspiring for better from myself, and from others around me. I can accept that it happens, but not that it must always be so.



    Wrong on both. I never said that blocking a bike lane was either legal or acceptable. What I said is that it is inevitable and that it is not dangerous unless you make it so.

    And yes, you should show tolerance, not least because you probably expect tolerance from others when you break the law. Every time you encounter an illegal or inconvenient act on the roads you should welcome it as an opportunity to practice your acceptance of an imperfect world. Nobody promised you that life would be perfect.



    More than that, you routinely present illegal behaviour as legal and acceptable out of sheer ignorance. Luckily, I have very high tolerance for your kind of behaviour, so here we are.



    That’s funny because I am debunking you for the benefit of other readers.

    I accept that other road users will do illegal and annoying things. You seem incapable of that.



    As wise man said: “This is a public thread meaning that anyone can reply to anyone.”
    Well, may be not a wise man, but a wise comment nevertheless. But mostly its about exposing your nonsense for what it is, for the benefit of other readers.



    If it doesn’t bother you then why do you keep responding?



    Yes I can, and it doesn’t bother me.



    OK, so you are only cyclist on the planet who comes to a complete halt at every stop sign and light? Foot down and look both ways before carefully proceeding, right?

    Yeah, right. I’d respect you more if you simply admitted thay you want a double standard



    I am not those cyclists. I am arguing that you should not block traffic. That is not entitlement.



    A vehicle that is not moving poses no threat to you. It is your potential reckless attempts to pass it without due care that expose you to risk.

    Report me to the police? Knock yourself out. Should I start reporting cyclists to the police every time I see a cyclist blow through a stop sign? I’d have yo give up work because that would become a full-time job.

    How about a little tolerance and patience?



    RichLL wrote: “It is how you deal with it that affects YOUR level of risk.”

    I am more concerned about the risk YOU inflict on others by selfishly blocking bicycle traffic. Blaming the bicyclist for taking risks is blaming the victim.

    And I assure you that while I am waiting a minute or two for you to move out of the way, that is a minute or two I’ll spend reporting you to the police.



    OK, so you’re the only person in the world who never ever infringes the vehicle code? Yeah, sure, whatever. But can you tell you’re not convincing me?



    Who said I blow through stop signs? Even if I were stupid enough to do that, I am definitely not stupid enough to admit it to you. That level is exclusively your privilege 😀



    It’s “wrong” for you to blow through stop signs but you still do it. So yes, all road users use their discretion and judgement when deciding whether to technically infringe the law or not



    So now its not the same reason, eh?

    No, I don’t expect pedestrians to jaywalk across lanes of traffic, just as I don’t expect drivers to stop in lanes of travel. If there is no place for you to pull over, outside the lanes of travel, then it is the *wrong* place to pull over. It is wrong even if it is on the right!



    No, I was pointing out that all road users make unilateral decisions to break the law. So a focus on others while ignoring your own transgressions makes you look like a hypocrite.



    YOU are the one arguing that! This is an article about cars illegally parking in the bike lane. You are arguing that drivers should decide when it’s okay to break that law.



    Because my passengers would be committing the crime of jaywalking if they attempted to leave the vehicle.



    You were asked why you choose to park in the bike lane instead of the “car” lane. You said it’s the same reason cars merge to turn right. Since you now know why cars merge to turn right, I’m asking if you’ll now park in the “car” lane instead.






    I know plenty of people who are affected by cyclists not following the law. I do not feel any more entitled to break the law than you do.

    You are arguing that you get to decide which laws you must obey. That is entitlement



    And when you blow through a stop on your bike, you are deciding that your convenience trumps that of others



    No, you were explaining why your convenience is more important than other people’s convenience and safety.



    No, but I am concerned that the only law-breaking that bothers you is the law breaking that you personally disapprove of.



    No, what I said is that all road users break the law, and am not clear why you are cherry picking those to criticize.



    I was explaining to you why, if I am dropping people off on the right, that it is best to stop on the right. Surely you do not expect pedestrians to have to jaywalk across lanes of traffic?



    You merge in to the bike lane for turning right because you are intending to cross over on to the far side of it. You are changing over two lane of travel, so you do it by increments, instead of straight across – its driving 101.

    So whenever you pull over to stop in the bike lane, are you planning to plough in to the side-walk and smash an few pedestrians, once your passengers are done [dis]embarking? Or did you really not have a clue up to now about why cars are supposed to merge in to the bike lane before turning right?



    Sorry, I don’t block traffic. If I do break a rule like rolling through a stop sign, it’s only when absolutely nobody else is affected. I think there’s where we differ—you don’t seem to mind affecting other people with your rule-breaking, and you even talk like you feel entitled to do so.



    85% of automobiles come to a complete stop. i agree theres needs to be more enforcement of the 15%.



    So no one should obey any laws until all laws are obeyed… got it.



    “just like” = here comes a false equivalency.

    You said you want to park in the bike lane for the same reason cars merge to turn right. I pointed out the difference, so will you do your double-parking in the car lane now?



    No, I think that every road user breaks the law from time to time when they feel justified. You and I don’t do it because everyone else does it but rather because we all sometimes feel justified in breaking the law for our own reasons.



    So you apparently think that seeing other drivers pull stupid shit entitles you to do the same? GTFO



    Wow, how juvenile are you?



    Just as soon as you obey all the laws.



    Illegal? Yes, just like bikes not stopping at stop signs and pedestrians who jaywalk.

    Less safe? A stopped car cannot harm you. It’s what you do about it that can.



    Cars merging into the bike lane to turn right is safer than them turning across the bike lane.

    Cars parking in the bike lane is illegal and less safe — will you stop doing that?



    The law is don’t park in the bike lane — will you stop doing that?