It Gets Worse: Boxer/Inhofe to Request $50B More for Highways

Friends of the Earth tells Streetsblog San Francisco that Senator Barbara Boxer’s staff has confirmed that Boxer and Senator Inhofe will present an amendment to the federal Stimulus Plan for $50 billion in additional funding for highways, bringing the total to $80 billion, exactly the figure Inhofe demanded last week in a letter to the Committee for Environment and Public Works. 

The amendment is expected within the hour, according to Kate McMahon of Friends of the Earth.  Inhofe press director Marc Morano didn’t deny the number, but said "a lot is going on today and I’ll confirm with you shortly."

Both Friends of the Earth and Environmental Defense Fund are sending action alerts to their activists, the first suggesting calls to Boxer, the second urging constituents to contact their own Senators to demand a No vote on the amendment.

Stay tuned for more information.

EDF Action alert here.

Friends of the Earth Action Alert:

The U.S. Senate is working on its economic stimulus package today. Already,
the bill includes $27 billion that can be used to build unnecessary new roads,
despite the fact that such spending will create fewer jobs than investments in
clean transportation projects. New roads will also lead to more global warming
pollution and oil consumption.

Last week we had a victory in the House
of Representatives when we increased funding for clean transportation by $3
billion. Unfortunately, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is threatening to undo that

Senator Boxer is planning to propose an amendment today that
would add another $50 billion in new road funding to the stimulus. Such an
amendment would undermine President Obama’s goal of a "green" stimulus and
represent a huge setback in the fight against global warming.

We need
your help to change Senator Boxer’s mind. Please call her office NOW at
202-224-3553 and ask her to NOT offer this amendment.

  • Oh it’s only getting started. Now we’re giving tax breaks to people who buy cars!

    Whatever. It’s clear that folks in Congress would rather cater to the failed party than to their own constituents. And funny thing, every time the’ve capitulated to the Failed Party, the Fail Party vote against everything anyway.


  • Bob

    Not cool, Babs.

    Note what one of your coolest constituents recently told the Huffington Post.

    “I support the stimulus package. But when I look at it in its entirety, I fear that we may soon look back and say that we missed a huge chance to go bigger and bolder. After all, there were three flaws with the old economy that has crashed: it favored consumption over production; debt over smart savings; and environmental damage over environmental renewal. Some parts of the stimulus package seem to be more of the same — trying to prop up the old, failed economy. That strategy simply won’t work — but we could waste a lot of money and time trying. Instead, we need a new direction for our economy. You can’t jump halfway across a chasm — you just end up falling into the abyss.”

    – Van Jones, author of The Green Economy