The Wigg Party: Building Community to Create a Sustainable Wiggle

Photo: Bryan Goebel

One link in the global movement for localization and environmental sustainability is taking shape in the form of a growing community in one of San Francisco’s increasingly treasured natural valleys: The Wiggle. Morgan Fitzgibbons and Clint Womack co-founded The Wigg Party in early 2010 to address on a local level planetary crises such as peak oil and climate change.

“The Wigg Party is a community organization and social group focused on making the community that uses and lives around the Wiggle a leader in transformation towards sustainability,” Fitzgibbons said in a recent interview.

The Wiggle is perhaps best known as the flattest connection between the central east and west areas of the city for people who walk and cycle. It’s a valley that runs through the Duboce Triangle and Lower Haight neighborhoods to connect Upper Market Street to the Panhandle via a series of alternating turns, carrying a growing amount of bicycle traffic to and from the western neighborhoods.

Over the past year, the Wigg Party has organized community gathering events around efforts such as promoting more sustainable practices for local businesses and residents as well as building community support for a transformation of safer streets along the route.

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