SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Growth and planning: San Francisco’s role in the region

"Though not the most populous city in the Bay Area, San Francisco is the center of the region. How much should San Francisco grow, both in terms of housing and jobs, relative to the region? How can San Francisco be a leader in implementing SB 375, a new statewide anti-sprawl legislation? How can we work as a region to support localities that accept growth? Join San Francisco Planning Director John Rahaim and Association of Bay Area Governments Planning Director Ken Kirkey for an exciting discussion about San Francisco’s role in the region."


Can In-Law Units Help Solve SF’s Housing Woes?

There seem to be two points of view on San Francisco’s frustrating housing situation: either the tech industry is to blame for increasing demand or it comes down to NIMBY homeowners hoarding housing stock and preventing new development. Or maybe it’s some combination of the two? Clearly, there’s a desire to keep San Francisco looking […]

Congestion Pricing: Vital for Funding a Sustainable Transpo Future in SF

Take a shot at budgeting San Francisco’s future transportation revenue with the new online “Budget Czar” simulator from the SF County Transportation Authority, and it will quickly become clear: If residents want better transit and safer streets for walking and biking over the next 25 years, the city needs to collect new sources of transportation revenue […]