City of Albany Kids’ Bike Rodeo

From EBBC:

The Albany Police Activities League and the Albany Police Department will host a Bicycle Rodeo.

This event, which focuses on riders in elementary and middle school is designed to encourage bicycle riders to wear helmets on every ride, to give young cyclists basic skills for on-road riding, and to teach them the rules of the road to help keep them safe. Activities will include bike inspections, safety information, a bicycle safety course, and raffle prizes.

For any additional information regarding this event, visit or contact Heather Cunningham at or 510-295-9456.


KTVU Reporter Documents Own Harassment of Cyclists

Last week, KTVU 2 reporter David Stevenson drove down Valencia Street, yelling at bicycle riders through the window of his motor vehicle, asking where their helmets were. He even brought a camera crew to film it — oddly enough, in the name of bicycle safety. “As twilight descends,” Stevenson told viewers, “the most vulnerable of […]