3rd Annual Active San Mateo County Conference

From SVBC:

SVBC staff is excited to facilitate a lunchtime networking discussion of current bicycle issues in San Mateo County at this great conference. Alternatively, you can join Rick Sutton, of the SVBC Board of Directors, in a discussion centered on the role behavioral economics plays in successful employee and community wellness programs, and the importance of tailoring incentives to the individual. Rick will present research on how people respond to incentives to drive behavior change. Come join us and learn how to get your office healthy and active!

Hosted by the Office of County Supervisor Carole Groom, this conference will identify and discuss new strategies, techniques, and programs to make our public places desirable destinations that promote healthy living. Attend workshops exploring the connections between urban planning, public health, and recreation.

Registration is free; lunch is provided.

Morning keynote by Tim Blumenthal, President of Bikes Belong.

Lunchtime keynote speech by Richard Louv, best-selling author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle.

Register now for this community-strengthening event!


San Mateo Holds First Bike Ped Advisory Committee Meeting

San Mateo County’s new Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee kicked off its first meeting on Thursday evening at San Mateo City Hall. Ellen Barton, San Mateo’s Active Transportation Coordinator, proposed that they develop criteria for safer street striping ahead of the county’s annual resurfacing program. Other projects they discussed included establishing bike parking standards, evaluating […]

SVBC Peninsula Committee Meeting

"The SVBC Peninsula Committee meetings discuss current events in the San Mateo County cycling world. Agendas are available the week before the meeting. SVBC members and non-members are welcome to attend and participate."

SVBC Peninsula Committee Meeting

From SVBC: Do you ride a bike in San Mateo County? Are you wondering what the best route is to work? Would you like to meet other cyclists in your area? Do you want the latest on the San Mateo County bike plan? Head to the SVBC Peninsula Committee meeting and discover a world of engaged, […]