JFK Drive Bikeway Street Plans Released. Construction Coming Next Week?

Update: These orange bollards spotted in the parking lanes on JFK near Transverse Drive are a promising sign. 

Construction on the JFK Drive bikeway in Golden Gate Park should begin next week, the SFMTA tells Streetsblog. The agency recently posted street plans [PDF] on the project website, showing how the geometry of the city’s first parking protected bike lane will work.

John F. Kennedy Drive is still without parking-protected bikeways. Photo: ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidhanddotnet/2423774284/sizes/l/in/photostream/##davidhanddotnet/Flickr##

If construction does begin next week, it will mark tangible progress on a project that was initially supposed to be completed in December 2010. Even now, new delays seem to come each week. Following the initial delay, prompted by revisions to the project scope, implementation had been slated for December 2011. Then it was pushed back again one month.

That delay, an SFMTA planner said, was due to further revisions to the project design and concerns that construction could negatively impact museums during a peak season. An exact construction date didn’t surface until two weeks ago, when SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said the project would start last week. Today, work still has yet to begin, but Rose says it will start next week.

The reasons for the recent delays are unclear, but at a Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee meeting last month, SFMTA planner Dustin White said staff has had to make last-minute modifications to assuage concerns raised by some disability advocates that the project could hinder wheelchair access to pedestrian pathways. The first phase of construction will involve adding a number of curb ramps, and a number of parking spots will be reserved for disabled placard holders, he said. Construction will also involve drainage improvements. The overall project is expected to take at least several weeks, and according to the latest update from transportation staffers it will be completed in March.

Stay tuned for updates as construction gets underway (or doesn’t). After the jump, see samples of the project drawings.

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  • Stay tuned for updates as construction gets underway (or doesn’t).

    Don’t let Ed Lee see this article or he’ll call it off…

  • TL

    It will be very interesting to see how those merge lanes work at intersections. I’ll reserve judgment until the facility is on the ground. Fortunately, SFMTA is doing detailed data gathering. Perhaps the results could even inform Fell/Oak design.

  • Anonymous

    It’s great this project is moving forward.  Though this is a bit of a “low hanging fruit” I think it’s very important to get cycle tracks down so people understand them better.  they are essential to getting the bike mode share to 20%.

  • Oes-not-exist

    waste of money that could have been spent on real bicycle improvements, such as those that were clearly delineated and legislated in the bike plan. i am sad the the sfbc chooses to change priorities without follow through for prior projects, and demands that the city follow suit. 

  • Mario Tanev

    Any word on Crossover Dr to Great Highway? I cannot find any mention of that section.

  • Unfortunately not part of this project. This is Stanyan to Crossover/Transverse only.

  • Did you guys catch the intersection treatment at Dahlia? Dashed lines with 4 sharrow symbols minus the chevrons. It’s key we don’t drop our bikeways off at intersection – I’d prefer boxes or green paint, but I’ll take it.

  • Mario Tanev

    I figured this much, but are there any plans whatsoever or is that explicitly off the table for some reason?

  • Sprague

    Perhaps I should reserve judgement, too, because I certainly don’t want to add to further delays.  However, I think it would be best to have the bike lane be exclusively for cyclists at all points without any automobile merging.  At intersections, “crossbikes” could enable safe cross street crossing for cyclists just like crosswalks do for pedestrians.  This is common in Europe and in Manhattan, I believe, and it is how the Masonic bikeway is designed.

    The JFK Drive and Kezar intersection design looks very good.  It appears to legitimize and improve a common usage of the median.  Thank you Streetsblog for sharing these designs.

  • Nothing official that I’m aware of.

  • J

    Merges like this are standard practice in NYC now. While they aren’t perfect, they seem to work ok, especially if there is a decent volume of bikes. Signal protected intersections are nice, but they cause tons of delay for both cyclists and motorists making turns, and thus have low levels of compliance (anecdotally speaking).

  • J

    On a small but important note, I must say that SF needs to start striping bike lanes through intersections. This is standard practice in NYC, Chicago, Montreal, and nearly all major European cities, increasing bike visibility at intersections and reducing hook collisions. Why hasn’t SF adopted this practice yet?


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