BART Bicycle Advisory Task Force

On the agenda: Update on new BART car design, presentation of Civic Center Bike Station design drawings.

Agenda [PDF]


Oakland Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BART car design review)

Agenda [pdf] On the agenda: New BART car design: Aaron Weinstein, BART’s Chief Communications Officer, will solicit input on the design of BART’s Fleet of the Future Oakland Complete Streets Policy – upcoming City Council ordinance staff report 40th St green “super sharrows” bikeway design experiment – staff report Street resurfacing/bikeway striping overview – staff report

BART Accessibility Task Force Meeting

Agenda [pdf] On the agenda: Fiscal Year 2013 BART Preliminary  Budget Overview (Information) Fleet of the Future – New Car Train Design Update (Information) Earthquake Safety Contract at El Cerrito Station; staff will address signage and path of travel issues (Information)

BART Bicycle Accessibility Task Force Meeting

From EBBC: BART is adding hundreds of new elockers at many stations, designing brand new trains to accommodate more bikes, and planning for more bikeable, more walkable station extensions. Come find out the latest and provide your input. On the agenda are: 1. New Rail Car Design 2. eBART follow up 3. Request for Courtesy […]

BART Special Board Meeting: 2 Day Workshop

Agenda [pdf] On the Friday agenda: BART at 40: Regional Growth and BART Metro. For discussion. Rail Vehicles. For discussion. BART State of Good Repair. For discussion. System Capacity. For discussion. BART Stations: Gateways to the Region. For discussion. On the Saturday agenda: District 10-Year Financial Outlook/Plan.  For discussion. Building and Maintaining Public Support. For […]