East Bay Bike Party: Dancing With the Stars, Aliens, and Astronauts

From East Bay Bike Party:

So you think you can dance? This coming Friday, June 8th, we want you to bring it! (“Oh, it’s already been brought-en!”) And aim high, because you’ll be:


This month, we’ll start at Ashby BART and roll through Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland for a massive DANCE PARTY Bike Party, with a final destination of Mosswood Park.  As always, it’s gather at 7:30pm and roll at 8pm.

Costuming for this one is super-easy, because you’ve got a lot theme ideas to work with: dance, stars (celestial or celebrity), aliens, astronauts, outer space… the mind boggles!

Definitely bring your dancing shoes, because the stops are going to turn the DANCE PARTY up to 11 and  break the knob off. And send it into space. Where it will be returned by bike-riding aliens with sweet dance moves. (And there’s a mind-blowing mega-dance surprise planned for one of the stops – trust us, it’s huge.)

Space may be curved, but this route is FLAT, so nothing should stop you from coming out for Second Friday (June 8) to do some DANCING WITH THE STARS, ALIENS & ASTRONAUTS. Have you got the right stuff?


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