Andy Thornley Departs SFBC to Work at SFPark

Photo: SFBC

In a “bittersweet farewell,” the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition announced today that its policy director, Andy Thornley, has been picked for an internship at the SFMTA’s SFPark program. His transition to city government is a positive sign for the livable streets movement in San Francisco.

Thornley sent an email to colleagues today announcing that he’ll be leaving SFBC at the end of the month. “After seven remarkable and profoundly rewarding years,” he wrote, “I’ll be moving on to a new adventure. I’m taking a position on the SFMTA’s outstanding SFPark team, working with that innovative, effective, award-winning program on the business of rationalizing the way San Francisco manages parking, for the benefit of everyone.”

Thornley is known as an amiable alliance-builder and a knowledgeable, insightful guru on the bureaucracy and politics of transportation issues. While at SFBC, he also served as president of TransForm‘s Board of Directors (and still sits on it). I’ve had the pleasure of learning from him since I held an internship at the SFBC in 2009, and I’ve always found the perspective he provides to be invaluable. (We even once rode together in a mega Bike Party-esque bicycle parade through Copenhagen.) Thornley assured his colleagues that he’ll “certainly still be an active, involved member of the SFBC.”

This also won’t be the first time SFPark has picked up some advocate talent: Former Streetsblog reporter Michael Rhodes recently held an internship at the program.

We’ll be eagerly anticipating great things from Andy in his new role.

Andy after arriving at City Hall from a tandem bike ride with Supervisor Carmen Chu on Bike to Work Day last month. Photo: ##
  • “I haven’t been able to reach Andy yet to learn what his new position will entail”

    No problem. I already reached Rob Anderson. Andy’s job will be punishing drivers.

  • Chris Morfas

    Andy, thank you for all you’ve done for bicycling in SF and beyond, and congratulations on your new position! Cheers, Chris Morfas

  • Grego

    Cheers, Andy!  Hope to hear great things from you just as much going forward.

  • Jakewegmann

    Andy will take his intelligence, wit and charm from one effective, change-making organization to another. SFBC’s loss is SFPark’s gain, but we are lucky to continue to have Andy Thornley’s leadership in the livable streets movement in SF. Congrats Andy! 

  • Like Joel Ramos and Cheryl Brinkman, City Hall likes Thornley’s anti-car credentials from years spent with the Bicycle Coalition. Thornley stated the anti-car credo succinctly in a Bay Guardian story in 2005: “We’ve done all the easy things so far. Now we need to take space from cars.”

  • mikesonn

    “anti-car credo”? We have limited road space, let’s move people not private autos.

  • Mom on a bike

    I know this logical argument might be too much for you, but it turns out we’ve all been agreeing that bikes don’t belong on sidewalks, Rob. So unless you want us to be building magical moving bikeways that go *through* buildings, or maybe a bike skyway?–then the logical conclusion is to take a bit of space from cars (which will actually force cars to observe the posted speed limits) and make room for bikes.


  • Aaron 😉

  • nic

    Is there a day when rob will shut his fat mouth?

  • keenplanner

    Hey Andy, you must be doing something right if Rob Anderson cites your chops!  Congrats on the new position.  Can’t wait to see how much space you can pry from the cold, dead fists of car nuts.  Will miss your brilliant contributions to SFBC, but I have faith that you can bring the same skills to SFPark. 
    Let’s see how fast you can install parking meters in the East Mission.  Tired of all those NIMBY whiners. 

  • JW

     gee keen planner, sounds like a great strategy. blanket the city with meters so that the only people who can afford to park are the rich. ….from a NIMBY whiner


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