SunnyvaleCool Talk: Neighborhoods for Every Generation


How did our suburbs become so car-dependent? Why might we consider redesigning certain parts our cities to provide more housing and transportation options? What are some guidelines for creating the inviting, walkable, more-urban neighborhoods preferred by increasing numbers the population?

Dan Zack, respected Downtown Development Coordinator for Redwood City, discusses trends in the development of US cities, demographic changes currently underway and ways of retrofitting our suburbs to meet the needs and desires of our changing communities.

Free. Snacks provided. Made possible by a generous grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


The Bay Area Needs More Walkable Housing, Not Google Bus Bashing

The anger of the protestors who blockaded a Google bus in the Mission on Monday was very real and understandable. San Francisco residents, living in a highly sought-after city with a limited housing supply, are coping with a crisis of skyrocketing rents and evictions. Meanwhile, Muni riders increasingly find their stops blocked by private shuttles that appear […]

High Speed Rail Authority Addresses Alignment Concerns in SF

Possible high speed rail alignment options for San Francisco. Image: HSRA. Peninsula communities have made all the news with their public outcry against the alignment of the California High Speed Rail train, but today some San Franciscans got into the mix. Now that details have emerged about a possible alignment choice through the eastern portion […]