Diana Sullivan, 48, Killed on Bike by Cement Truck Driver at Third and King

King at Third Street, where reports indicate Diana Sullivan was killed. Image: Google Maps

Updated 3:00 p.m.

Diana Sullivan, 48, of San Francisco, was killed while bicycling on King Street at Third Street Saturday at about 9:30 a.m. According to media accounts, Sullivan was run over by a cement truck driver. The crash occurred in front of the AT&T Park, where crowds of pedestrians were headed to a Giants event at the time.

Diana Sullivan. Photo via ##http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Bicyclist-killed-by-cement-truck-is-IDd-4268953.php##SFGate##

Police say they’re still investigating how the crash occurred, and the driver hasn’t been cited. SFPD Sargeant Frank Harrell told KTVU, “You do have a big cement truck with a big wheel base and preliminary reports are that she was curbside on her bike, riding, and somehow became entangled.”

One commenter on SFist who claims to have witnessed the incident said Sullivan was stopped at the red light on westbound King at Third along with the truck. When the light turned green, the truck driver pulled forward, ran her over, and caught her leg in the wheel well.

“She took a revolution and was caught between the wheel and the wheel well of the truck and then as the wheel continued to roll she landed on the street,” she said. “The trauma to her right leg, the part of her body that was caught between the wheel and the wheel well, caused her femoral artery to be severed. She bled out very, very, quickly.”

“The most awful thing I’ve ever seen,” the commenter added. “I cannot get it out of my mind.”

King has a painted bike lane in the westbound direction, but it suddenly disappears halfway between Second and Third Streets at a mid-block pedestrian crossing. At the point where Sullivan was killed, bicycle riders are thrown into mixed traffic with motor vehicles.

Sullivan's bike after being run over by cement truck driver. Photo: ##http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2013/02/09/cyclist-killed-in-collision-with-cement-truck-near-att-park/##CBS 5##
  • Mr. Ree

    My heart goes out to her family it is a sad time and nobody should have to die.
    Sadly SF liberal bureaucrats thought votes before people’s lives when they put bicyclists in harms way on ALL CITY STREETS!
    It is ridiculous that I see and have hundreds of videos and photos of bicyclists and pedestrians breaking the law hoodies up ear buds in and even texting while riding and walking however they please!!!!
    I believe Diane’s story is one of many sad ones to come if SF doesn’t clear up the bicyclists / pedestrian entitlement issues they have!!!
    They are really out of control on a hourly basis!!!!
    GOD bless Diane’s family
    GOD Bless the driver he has to live with this also for the rest of his life

  • Last sentence: “At the point where Sullivan was killed, bicycle riders are thrown into mixed traffic with motor vehicles.” 
    “Mixing zones” would merge the bike lane with vehicular turn lanes at some intersections. – http://sf.streetsblog.org/2012/04/02/sfmta-unveils-fell-and-oak-bikeway-designs-pushes-timeline-to-spring-2013/

    Many orgs and urban cycling actors praise “mixing zones” but these should simply NOT be implemented or preserved on streets with over 20mph speed limits. End of story. I wish people would stop saying things like this are “next generation” and so on. It is just spin about a bad compromise.

    In the Netherlands – one of top clichés in these comments but oh well, I am not trying to write “next generation” comments – motor vehicles and cyclists at the intersection in question would be separated by signalization AND hard physical delineation of their place for movement.

  • Darlene_42

    Thank you from Diana’s family

  • Darlene_42

    Diana was my sister in-law and I have known her from the age of 8 years old. She was the most beautiful and loving person anyone could call friend. If you were lucky enough to know her you know how her life and smile lit up the world. Thank you for sharing how amazing she was and our world will never be the same without her. We love and will forever miss her. God Bless You special lady.

  • Anonymous

    I see this mainly as an infrastructure problem. I am a cyclist and I have driven a medium-sized truck. It’s very difficult to see what’s very close to you, and in a crowded-street situation like this with too many things to focus on, it would be easy to not see a cyclist waiting kerbside. As a cyclist I keep well away from all trucks for this very reason.
    This terrible accident is not the cyclist’s fault nor the truck driver’s. It is the result of inadequate and unsafe cycling infrastructure and the determined refusal of the Mayor and some of the Supervisors to deal with this. 
    Had David Chiu been elected Mayor this accident still might have occurred, but I am sure cyclists would being seeing more light at the end of the tunnel than we do with Mayor Lee at the helm. It certainly appears that his vision for San Francisco’s transport network does not include an abundance of cyclists.


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