Bikes on BART Rush-Hour Pilot

From SFBC:

Week Pilot to Remove Bike Blackout Period – March 18-22

[BART is collecting feedback with their survey here:]

It’s a great week for bike commuters! From March 18-22, BART will be implementing a weeklong pilot removal of the bike commute blackout period. The SF Bicycle Coalition and our 100 volunteers will be working with BART to help ensure the success of this important pilot.

You can help ensure the success of the pilot by following the rules of the BART bike pilot and being a great ambassador for bikes on BART. More details

We’ve heard from members on both sides of the Bay that allowing bikes on BART all day would literally change their life, cutting down commute time so they could spend more time with their loved ones and opening up regional travel by bike.

The March pilot follows on the heels of an August 2012 pilot when bikes were allowed all day during Fridays in August. Using rider feedback, BART has made some adjustments to the upcoming pilot, including retrofitting some cars to allow for more room for bikes, strollers and luggage, and not allowing bikes on the first three cars.

The SF Bicycle Coalition will be working with BART to help ensure the success of this important pilot. Interested in volunteering with the second BART Bike Access Pilot? Sign up here.


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