New Video Teaches Muni Drivers How to Share the Streets With Cyclists

The SFMTA and the SF Bicycle Coalition recently teamed up to produce a training video that teaches Muni operators about safe practices when sharing the road with bicycle riders.

“Muni drivers help set the tone of the street for everyone, so it is especially important that they have the skills to lead by example,” said SFBC Deputy Director Kit Hodge. “This video is an important tool for educating Muni operators about how to drive safely around the rapidly increasing number of people biking throughout San Francisco.”

Bike safety instructor Bert Hill, who had a major part in producing the video, now uses it in the bicycle safety courses he provides to Muni operators for the SFMTA. The video is shown to all new Muni drivers, as well as any veteran drivers who must repeat their training, he said.

“The main things we’re trying to address are helping operators understand things that bicyclists are doing that are completely legal and very safe,” he said. “But it’s also important for them to recognize what bicyclists who aren’t trained in safety tend to do, which they may think is safe, but really isn’t.”

Muni operators are just one group the SFBC teaches bike safety courses to — the organization taught 4,800 new bike riders in 2012, and over 1,000 taxi driver applicants. The courses, Hill noted, have encouraged some Muni operators to start biking to work themselves. “I know two who ride their bike in and park it to drive the bus,” he said.

  • Are “Google Bus” or “pink mustache” drivers seeing this video? In recent years in SF, how many bus vs. bike collisions have resulted in cyclist deaths or serious injuries? How many bus vs. bike collisions have also involved a private car, e.g. with a driver opening a door in a too-narrow bike lane?

  • Mike

    An excellent video. Gets the most important points across:

    • some of the most “annoying” things bicyclists do are for our own safety
    • some bicyclists do incredibly unsafe things, and you’d better watch out

  • Mike

    I was doored by a Lyft driver’s passenger a few months ago.

    Perhaps if he was properly licensed as a cabbie and had some actual training, instead of being a yuppie moonlighting as a cabbie, he would have know not to let his passenger out right in the middle of a traffic lane on Market St.

    Lyft drivers also haven’t got the “texting while driving” memo. Or really any other memo for that matter.

  • Ryan Brady

    Yeah, this is my number one problem with the ‘ride-share’ services.

  • Mike

    My number one problem is yuppies stealing food out of working peoples’ mouths. Real cabbies barely break even as it is, and half of them have to commute for hours just for the privilege of driving San Franciscans around.

    Safety is my number two problem.

    At all times, apply the correct dialectic.

  • Ryan Brady

    I disagree. Cabs are too scarce in San Francisco, and that vacuum is pulling in these other services.

  • Anonymous

    Eh, save some ire for the gate fees that real cabbies have to pay– $100 per shift!


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