Video Emerges of Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Crash at Second and Howard

Screenshot from ColdFire/YouTube
Screenshot from ColdFire/Youtube

A disturbing video has emerged of a pedestrian hit-and-run crash at Second and Howard Streets in SoMa. Warning: It’s not for the faint-of-heart.

The crash took place on Saturday, April 18, at 2:05 a.m., according to the timestamp of the dash camera video. In the video, the driver of a grey Infiniti SUV stops at a red light in a crosswalk on northbound Second, then makes a sudden left turn from the right-hand lane, hitting another driver who was headed straight and running over a man in the crosswalk.

The victim can be seen waiting for the walk signal, looking toward the driver and apparently hesitating to cross. The driver accelerated into him until both the victim and the car were out of the camera’s view. The driver apparently fled westbound on Howard.

An SFPD spokesperson said the crash was not reported. YouTube user “ColdFire,” who posted the video and left comments claiming to have been the driving the car with the dash camera, said he/she reported the crash the next day to SFPD’s Northern Station, and could provide a case number. The user hasn’t responded to a Streetsblog request for the case number.

The YouTube user also said the victim “was fine, he walked away. But he didn’t call SFPD or 911 right away nor the next day.”

“I tried to follow [the driver] but he ran all the red lights and escaped, then I came back to this intersection, gave my info to the driver of the black Nisan [sic] and sent him this video later this day,” the user wrote. “I didn’t see the pedestrian when I came back.”

The car’s license plate is visible in the video, and it appears to be an Infiniti Fx35 or similar model.

SFPD spokesperson Grace Gatpandan didn’t say whether an investigation into the crash could be triggered by the video evidence. She said SFPD media staff are looking into whether the crash was filed with the department’s hit-and-run unit at Northern Station.

“We always encourage victims to come forward and report crimes, especially in this incident considering it was caught on video, however we cannot force anyone to come forward,” said Gatpandan.

We’ll provide updates as they become available.

  • That was horrifying to watch, and I hope that silver SUV driver pays a heavy price for that stupid fast illegal left turn, the cost to repair the car hit, and everything else related to this incident.

  • Rewrite: “In the video, the driver of a grey Infiniti SUV stopped in the middle of a crosswalk at an intersection controlled by traffic lights. The video starts when the light is red, but it would be speculation to assume that the Infiniti came to a illegal stop where it did because of that traffic control feature or perhaps it was just to pick up a fare.”

  • Prinzrob

    In a civilized society this type of behavior would also result in revocation of driving privileges for life.

  • voltairesmistress

    Correction: offending driver was heading northbound (not westbound) on Second Street and westbound (not southbound) on Howard. Those are the directions those two streets run. This may seem unimportant, and perhaps it is, but this is a local blog headquartered in San Francisco, and we should at least be able to describe our own streets right.

  • Thanks, fixed it. The SoMa grid can be confusing since it runs diagonal to the rest of the city’s grid. Apologies for only describing our streets right every other time.

  • Golden Gate Shark

    A lifetime ban on driving for this person would be a nice start.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Has that ever happened to any American person?

  • Golden Gate Shark

    In many states, driving privileges can be suspended for life if the driver is a habitual DUI offender, or commits an irresponsible act that rises to a heinous, aggravated level.

  • Lego

    I’d say the (continued?) physical, etc. trauma suffered by the pedestrian mostly renders as trivial the damage done to the oncoming car. But you mention it as “everything else related to this incident.” Is your empathy flat out broken or just a little buggy today?

  • Throw the book at him.

  • Prinzrob

    The California legislature passed a number of hit-run penalty increases and protections last year, but Gov Brown decided to veto them all and the legislature didn’t bother to challenge him (election year?). Unfortunate.

  • p_chazz

    I was riding in my friend’s new BMW S-3 SUV. He pointed out a number of safety features–one feature alerts him when there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk or a nearby obstruction, like a light pole. These don’t come standard; they are options that bumped up the cost of the vehicle to $75K from a sticker price of $50K. Maybe it’s time that these features be required, like seat belts.

  • p_chazz

    Please reduce your sanctimony levels. It’s offensive to lecture others about how they should think or feel. Thank you.

  • jonobate

    Or, we could require that people not drive like idiots. Perhaps we could implement some sort of test, one that is not trivially easy to pass?

  • Scary being a pedestrian these days, honestly.

  • murphstahoe

    Cool story bro

  • murphstahoe

    Alerts him? If the car can alert him, the car can hit the brakes.

  • M.

    Will the ignition freeze if it detects drugs/alcohol/rage?

  • jd_x

    That’s exactly what we don’t need. This is a classic issue of avoiding the root cause. We can start solving this problem tomorrow by redesigning our cities for pedestrians and cyclists instead of cars and actually punishing motorists (including loss of drivers license) who still cause harm because of dangerous behavior. Or, we can try to come up with some new-fangled, ridiculous technology that just always drivers to pay attention even less ….

  • M.

    Hmmm, civilized. #Ferguson, #Baltimore, #Florida…

  • p_chazz

    He told me that the car will automatically stop if the airbags deploy.

  • p_chazz

    I don’t think that feature comes with the S-3. Yet.

  • p_chazz

    It’s not a story, it’s an order.

  • boter op mijn hoofd

    A youtube commentator points out that the license plate is 6TVU786. It’s cleary visible in the video at the 0:20 mark, after the Infiniti first lunges into the crosswalk, and then stops.

    Aaron and Streetsblog — can you please update with what SFPD is doing about this? If they don’t get on it, I’ll file a report.

  • Dark Soul

    Hit and Run Car Fault and the ped that is walking on sidewalk and looking at his phone not a good idea.

  • Dark Soul

    Sometimes they cant… due to privacy concerns


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