Today’s Headlines

  • Former Mayor’s Support Regional Measure 3 (KGO)
  • More Election Coverage (CurbedSFChron, SFExaminer)
  • Housing and the Mayor’s Race (SFChron)
  • Support for Future ‘Tech Tax’ for Transit, Housing (EastBayTimes)
  • More on Scooter Hiatus (SFChron, SFExaminer)
  • Is your Personal Info Safe with Scooter Companies? (SFChron)
  • Vicious Cycle of People Abandoning Buses (MarinIJ)
  • How and Where to Live in San Francisco (Curbed)
  • Posters Spark Bayview Gentrification Debate (Hoodline)
  • A Look at Warriors Arena Construction (SFGate)
  • Passing of ‘Tall Paul’ (Hoodline)

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  • david vartanoff

    As long as our transit buses are obstructed by single occupancy vehicles, we will have increasing gridlock. The solution is to restrict the lanes available to SOVs and give the buses dedicated lanes–whether on the bridges or the freeways. The rush hour counterflow bus only lanes of the 70s on 101 need to be reinstituted immediately.

  • mx

    Is it just me or are there a lot more Jump bikes on the streets starting yesterday, the day the scooters died? It sure looks like there’s more in the app than there were before, and I’m seeing them all over the place in SoMa now.

  • jonobate

    It should be “Former Mayors Support Regional Measure 3”. Plural, not possessive…

  • And trains. Muni wants to run 3-car N trains on the surface, but trains sharing the roadway and blocking intersections by stopping every two blocks will slow travel down for everyone. This is why mass transit needs a separate ROW.

  • More people would ditch cars if there was a more robust and integrated network of trains and buses. All these Band-Aid fixes, like the Central Subway, do nothing to encourage drivers to switch to transit. Also, many who want to avoid driving resort to ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft. So now public transit has another direct competitor that adds insult to injury by putting even more cars on the already congested roadways. I don’t blame drivers. I blame our elected leaders and transit officials who do absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Also, where is SPUR when you need them? SPUR should be demanding change and fighting to add mass transit, not just pontificating about it at panel discussions.