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  • randyw

    If they do the carpool lanes, I hope they add to the fee Uber/Lyfts pay to the airport. They are already taking too many riders that should be taking Bart, and not filling the freeways.

  • Sure, the city says doing this will encourage people to take public transit yet the city does nothing to improve public transit to attract new riders. What they are really saying is “Hey, pony up and pay to drive in the express lanes or suck it up and deal with inadequate transit.”
    As for Lyft/Uber…I’m all for using these services to get to/from the airport rather than juggle luggage and kids on Muni to BART.

  • david vartanoff

    If tolls are to be charged, the monies raised should go to lowering the fares BART charges on airport trips..

  • City Resident

    For the past few years, Muni has been significantly improving – with Muni Forward initiatives that improve Muni’s speed and reliability and with tens of millions invested in new buses and light rail vehicles. SFMTA is making strides to attract new riders.

  • While much needed, investment in new vehicles isn’t the solution here to attract new riders. Someone isn’t going to ditch their car just because Muni got a brand new electric bus or light rail car. The problem is a woefully inferior transit system in general. For a city that prides itself on being Transit First and boasts one of the strongest economies in the world, infrastructure is lacking. We should have had additional subway lines already built by now that connect more people to more places in a faster and more efficient manner.

  • City Resident

    Muni Forward has sped up Muni and improved its reliability, with more transit only lanes, transit signal priority at many more intersections, bus stop consolidation, all door boarding, bus stop bulbouts, Twin Peaks Tunnel upgrades, and other improvements – in addition to new transit vehicles. Muni has improved (contrary to your statement that “the city does nothing to improve public transit to attract new riders”).

    Probably a majority of local residents and local politicians support subway construction, however such public works are too rarely funded in our country. It’d be great if San Francisco would pursue more subway construction, but where is the money for this?

  • Clearly, you are completely missing my point and suffice it to say you will never understand. Your way of thinking is what is holding back the Bay Area from having any kind of credible integrated transit network. “All door boarding…the solution.”

  • City Resident

    Mark, your perspective seems to undermine and discredit the public transit that we have while doing nothing to attain the public transit we should have. Promoting and utilizing Uber/Lyft directly contributes to congestion and other ills, which slows Muni and makes our streets less safe for pedestrians and cyclists – and inadvertently encourages further griping about Muni/SFMTA.