Today’s Headlines

  • E-scooters to Pay Fees to Operate in Oakland (EastBayTimes)
  • Jump Bike Repair Shop Faces Fines (SFExaminer)
  • Fight Continues over 16th Street BART Housing (SFChron)
  • BART Closes Civic Center Entrance (SFChron)
  • New Muni Traction Equipment Coming on Church (Hoodline)
  • Transit Screens in New Real-Estate Developments (Forbes)
  • SF Housing Authority is Broke (Curbed)
  • Ban on Mission District Brew Pubs Passes (Curbed)
  • Prototypes for Alvord Lake (Hoodline)
  • Charges Delayed for Motorist who Killed Marin School Teacher (MarinIJ)
  • Eye of Sauron from Salesforce Tower (SFChron, Curbed)

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  • mx

    “BART Closes Civic Center Entrance”

    It’s a shame that with most of the new jobs and housing in the area coming from west of the station, BART has closed the two western entrances and removed three escalators with seemingly no plans to replace them. The lack of a down escalator, in particular, is a problem for people with reduced mobility and is inconsistent with BART’s efforts to improve quality to boost ridership.

  • p_chazz

    Since when has BART ever improved quality? All I have seen is a slow, steady decline in cleanliness and service. And transit planners wonder why public transit ridership is off. They should get out of their Priuses and try riding it for a change instead of just looking at pretty transit maps on their computer screens..

  • mx

    SFMTA had some fascinating data on transit wait times and TNC ads in transit apps recently:

    Take a look at the chart on page 6. Just a 10 minute wait for the next vehicle (a normal and ordinary wait for some of the most frequent transit service we have, when it’s running reliably) reduced willingness to wait by 24 percentage points, 27 at night. A 15 minute wait (again, really quite normal and on the low end of waiting for Bay Area transit) reduced willingness to wait 59 percentage points.

    And yet BART spends all its time wondering why weekend ridership, with its 20 minute headways, is so low. This isn’t a mystery. People want frequent and reliable service. If it’s not offered, they won’t ride.

  • You speak common sense which escapes the minds of anyone working at BART, SFMTA or any of the Bay Area transit agencies.

  • And this ties in perfectly with the recent article on Uber/Lyft destroying our cities and stealing away transit riders.

  • p_chazz

    Uber and Lyft aren’t stealing riders. Transit agencies are driving them away.