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Eyes on the Street: Bridge Bike Path Is Still Open

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Your intrepid Streetsblog reporter braved a few rain drops to check out the Oakland Bay Bridge bike path yesterday afternoon and found it still open, at least partway, despite Caltran’s recent announcement that it would be completely closed until April. The approach gates were all wide open, and no new signs had been put up. […]

Bay Bridge Bike Path Closed For a Month

“Caltrans is prioritizing safety,” says Friday’s press release announcing that the bike path on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will be closed, beginning today, for the entire month of March. Right when the days are getting longer and that after-work bike ride to the end of the bridge is truly tempting, the entire path will […]

Will Caltrans Get On Board With a Contraflow Bus Lane on the Bay Bridge?

The proposal to improve transbay transit with a contraflow bus lane on the Bay Bridge is gaining traction, as the SF Chronicle reported yesterday. The idea has been pushed by proponents at SPUR, AC Transit, and some BART board members for years as a relatively quick and inexpensive solution to move more people between SF and the East Bay. BART is already […]