Today’s Headlines

  • BART Plans to Spend $2 Million to Replace Filthy Seats (Bay Citizen, KCBS)
  • Person Hit by BART Train at Rockridge Station (ABC7)
  • Billboards at BART Stations Feature Real People Looking for Work (ABC7)
  • SFMTA, Taxi Industry Seek “A Smarter Way” to Call a Cab (SF Examiner)
  • Fight Delays J-Church Service (City Insider)
  • Just How F—ed Up is Your Muni Line? (City Insider)
  • Lawsuit Filed Over California Avenue Road Diet in Palo Alto (Mercury News)
  • Transbay Blog: “Laying the Groundwork for a Sustainable Communities Strategy”
  • Activists Respond to SF’s Sit/Lie Law with Handmade Benches (SFBG)
  • Fitch Ratings Downgrades SF’s Municipal Bond Rating (SF Gate)

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  • Anonymous

    With every column, I become a bigger and bigger fan of Mark Morford.

  • EL

    “BART Plans to Spend $2 Million to Replace Filthy Seats”
    How many people on Streetsblog would be willing to give up a cloth/padded seat and switch to vinyl or hard plastic to reduce the risk of contracting/carrying another person’s feces? I’d be the first.

  • Anonymous

    Amen. Plus the reduced cleaning, etc would pay dividends down the road. I’ll be the second.

  • Sean H
  • Anonymous

    Two BART GMs for the price of new seat coverings.

  • Anonymous

    replacing the seats, $2 Million. getting rid of Dorothy Dugger, $1 Million. Go figure.

  • whir

    Yeah, my God… It’s only $2 million to replace them? Let’s fire a few more BART executives!

  • Mel

    really wish Bart would take away the bike blocking commuting hours. I’ve seen way too many cars with ample room for cycles during this period and extremely crazy crowded cars outside of this time period.

  • Anonymous

    The lawsuit in PA is a joke. There is *never* enough traffic that the 4 lanes are needed. Cal Ave runs from El Camino North and dead ends into the Caltrain station. It is in a highly residential area. The bike racks at Cal Ave Station are always loaded. There is a good pedestrian accessway under Alma to more residences. This would at worst be neutral to businessess, but probably be a boon. Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    There is also a ton of parking on that corridor.

  • Nick

    This not really news, but the observation of a trend:

    Gas prices are $4.50, summer is fast approaching, and SF is poised for yet another boom in the cycling population (similiar to what happened in 2008/2009).

  • Anonymous

    It boggles the mind that they’d replace the seats with anything other than hard plastic. Nobody – except antibiotic-resistant feces – likes the nasty current setup.

  • Anonymous

    @nick – especially since public transit is substantially worse than it was in 2008, and cycling is better (more cyclists, more infrastructure).