Today’s Headlines

  • House Set to Vote on Stimulus (Merc, TPMDC)
  • Jerry Nadler’s Transit Amendment Will Also Reach House Floor (T4America via Streetsblog Network)
  • NYT’s John Leonhardt Says Stimulus Lacks "Fresh, Reformist Thinking"
  • Will California’s High-Speed Rail Project See Stimulus Money? (Daily Californian)
  • Muni Deficit May Stall Improvements (SF Gate
  • More on Tom Radulovich’s Call for the BART GM to Resign (Coco Times)
  • Novato Looks to Spruce Up Its Downtown (Marin IJ)
  • 9-year-old Becomes 4th Hit-And-Run Victim in San Jose (NBC11)


SPUR Evening Symposium: The Federal Stimulus Plan, One Year Later

"In February of 2009, as dour economic conditions threatened to worsen unabated, President Obama warned that massive government intervention was necessary to prevent "a much deeper economic downturn." Congress responded with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a $787 billion federal stimulus package. Did it work? A year later, Dan Bernal, District Director for Speaker […]

Killing the Myth of the ‘More Shovel-Ready’ Road Stimulus

During debate over the White House’s $787 billion economic stimulus law, transit advocates watched as their projects were shortchanged and more "shovel-ready" road projects got the lion’s share of the transport pot — about $8.4 billion, compared with $26.5 billion for highways and bridges. (Photo: DMI Blog) But transit money is getting put to use […]

Killing the Myth of the ‘More Shovel-Ready’ Road Stimulus, Part II

It has become one of the most enduring anecdotes surrounding the Obama administration’s $787 billion economic stimulus law: Democrats’ contention that White House adviser Larry Summers sliced transit aid by more than half, to $8.4 billion, out of concerns that projects were not "shovel-ready" enough. (Photo: DMI Blog) Has Summers been vindicated by the data? […]

Stimulus and Outrage Around the Network

Much of the talk on the Streetsblog Network has been about the stimulus package that goes before the House of Representatives today, as members mobilize their readers in support of Rep. Jerry Nadler’s amendment adding money for transit. More of this, please. One interesting stimulus-related note is on Gristmill, where David Roberts cites poll numbers […]

Today’s Headlines

U.S. Needs Long Term Vision for Stimulus Spending on Transpo Infrastructure (Bloomberg) Oberstar: Transit Pushed Aside for Tax Cuts in Stimulus Bill (TPM) House Stimulus Bill Would Give CA $2.8B for Roads, $950M for Transit (LA Times) Schwarzenegger lobbies DC for CA Tailpipe Restrictions, Enviros Thrilled (NY Times) Chronicle Editorial Supports Gov’s Bid to Enforce […]