Caption Contest: Riding the Historic Streetcar

Girl_on_rail_car.jpgFrom goodpotatoes, via our Flickr pool

  • “Mommy, what does ‘service cut’ mean?”

  • “This train doesn’t check for sleeping children. We don’t have the money!”

  • Gillian Gillett

    Hey, that’s Emma!

  • “I wish I was on a bicycle like that girl instead of on a streetcar.”

  • “I hope Gavin doesn’t get his way.”

  • “Sometimes the future needs to look to the past.”

    Though, I like the service cut and Gavin ones.


Eyes on the Street: Week in Review

As one of the commenters on Flickr pointed out, I love the juxtaposition of the blue cab in the background and the blue frame of the bike. Also love the purple rims and purple shirt. Flickr photo: exuberance// Thanks to all of you wonderful photographers who tag your photos and videos in our Flickr pool. […]