Mayor Newsom a “Yes and No” On More Bicycle Riding

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Considering all the new bicycle infrastructure that’ll hopefully start going in at the end of the summer, or early fall, I asked Mayor Newsom outside City Hall today after a press conference celebrating the passage of the Bike Plan if he’s planning to do any more bicycling. His response?

"Yes and no. I’m about to have a baby so you’ll see me getting training wheels out, and I’ve got a couple of years. But I grew up like so many, on a bike. But it was a very different town when I was growing up in San Francisco. We didn’t have any bike lanes when I was growing up."

He touted his meager pilot bike share program, something he’ll be able to implement once the injunction is lifted, saying that he hopes it will get infrequent bicyclists like himself to ride more. "That’s actually something I would legitimately use, especially on weekends, when I’m not running to 13 events and I’m late everywhere I’m going."

On another note, Newsom said he hopes to push for federal stimulus dollars to help fund the Bicycle Plan, which would speed up its implementation. The MTA has so far identified about $6 million of the $15 million it would take to put the plan into action, but lots of questions remain about where the remaining funds will come from.

“We’ll continue to advocate for more federal funding, stimulus dollars, and we’ve got a lot of competitive grants out there," he said. "We are very blessed to have Speaker Pelosi and other friends in Congress, and I’m confident that these are in line with the administration’s environmental goals and alternative transit goals and I think there’ll be plenty of categories of funding."

  • Did Gavin say whether or not he would also ride Muni more as well? We’re still itching to give away a free fast pass to the first person who captures an authentic, original photo of Gavin on a Muni vehicle (except cable cars). Our offer still stands, even with the looming fare increase!

    Also, we’ll soon be announcing another opportunity to win a free prize, courtesy of Where’s Gavin. Please stay tuned!

  • As a matter of fact, I did ask him about your contest. To which his spokesperson Nathan Ballard responded: “You’ll never catch him.” And Newsom: “I was on Muni two days ago. That was a pretty easy win.” He was referring, of course, to the cable car press event, which doesn’t count.

  • SF is serious about their bikes!This is a good thing and it is my hope the whole country can get as serious.

  • marcos

    If we were serious about advancing bike policy, we would not have deferred implementing the 1997 bike network until 2010.

    An average of like 4 bike lanes per year over that time is nothing to be proud of and is an indicator that San Francisco is lagging behind other cities.

    There still are no open, democratic processes underway to propose the next innovative bicycle policy framework. Perhaps City staff and the SFBC leaders will bestow something upon us at some point?


  • “You’ll never catch him.”

    Mark the date; Ballard speaks the truth!


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